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Living With Purpose


    One of the delights I enjoyed as a child during the warm southern nights in the country, was chasing fireflies, or lightening bugs as we called them. It was exciting to see the tiny flickers of light among the open pastures and in between the pine trees along the woodland way.    When […]

Living With Purpose


    When I first remember running the red dirt roads through the woodlands near my home, I recall a section of the woods that had several colorful trees growing near the edge of the trail. They stood out because most of the trees growing there are pines. The colors were brilliant, and I’ll never […]

Living With Purpose


    Most people should get married, unless they’re truly called to the single life. It was not good for Adam to be alone, so God made Eve to be his wife (Genesis 2:18-25). It may not be good for you to be alone. A personal longing for connectedness is one of God’s ways of […]

Living With Purpose


    The federal holiday we celebrate on the first Monday of September, Labor Day, was created from the labor movement and constitutes a yearly national tribute to the contribution workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country. It’s a worthy dedication to the social and economic achievements of American workers.  […]

Living with Purpose


    Most people try to run away from the dark clouds of life. The doom and gloom of the darkness frightens them, and they feel alone. So, it’s easy to understand why many commonsense folks want to enjoy the sunny days of life. The song lyrics express it this way: “sunshine on my shoulders […]

Living With Purpose 


    A couple was devasted when they both lost their jobs and were left with a mountain of debt. Just when they were coming to terms with it all, their septic tank collapsed and the entire back yard caved in. Not having the money needed to hire the repairs done, the husband jumped to […]

Living With Purpose 


    My parents taught me at an early age to help others. In fact, the church we attended, had a children’s mission program where mission-education turned into mission-action. Our youthful, energetic group frequently performed community service projects. Our chapter motto was: “Help Others in Jesus Name”. I naturally was drawn to this type of […]

Living With Purpose


    A young couple went to visit a minister for pre-marriage counseling. He sent them away after the first meeting with a lengthy set of papers to complete for their pre-marital assessment. After mailing their answers to the pastor’s office he called them to schedule another meeting. The couple sat with giddy anticipation across […]

Living With Purpose 


    In all my years of counseling experience, people speak most fondly about one person—their Mom. It seems that these special people (Mothers) symbolize security, unconditional love, protection, sacrifice, forgiveness, and guidance. Let a toddler or small child fall down and skin a knee and usually the first words are “Momma, Momma!” Thank God […]

Living With Purpose


    There is an old cemetery where there’s a grave which has inscribed upon its headstone just one word— “Forgiven”. There’s no name, date of birth or death. There’s no epitaph, no eulogy—just that one word, “Forgive”. I have discovered, this is the biggest thing that can be said of any person, or written […]