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Living With Purpose


    I think the only life that can possibly have enough power to give fresh impulse to others with sustainability, is one that has a positive nature and is confidently assertive. It mustn’t only be good, but it must be vitally and positively good. It must be active and alive and have a conquering […]

Living With Purpose


    There once was a man of amazing accomplishment and his name was Norman Meeker. He had a quick wit and was fleet of foot. Born in 1928 in Indiana, he graduated as Salutatorian of his high school. Upon graduation, he joined the U.S. Army in 1948 and served in the recon platoon of […]

Living With Purpose


    A friend of mine contacted me and commenced to unload her penned up emotions and feelings about how she was treated at work. She was feeling defeated, dejected, and was spiraling into the darkness of pain and despair.    “It’s so unfair!” she said, “To have things said about me that are untrue […]

Living With Purpose


    While serving as a U.S. Army Reserve Battalion Chaplain in Jackson, Mississippi I spent part of an early morning going over my notes for chapel service. I read a passage from the Gospel of Matthew where it says, “Jesus reached out and touched a man” that was in need and the man was […]

Living With Purpose


    Have you ever longed to start over because you made mistakes that caused yourself and others heartache and trouble? Sometimes it takes mistakes in life to get our attention. I’ve known people who exhausted all human strength before acknowledging their helplessness. It’s at this point in life that you actually have your greatest […]

Living With Purpose


    On Christmas Eve in 2004, I traveled to a nearby town with my children and my father to meet a man and his wife who bred Labrador Retrievers. The meeting had been prearranged and we looked forward to this new addition to our family. The little 8 week-old black lab took turns being […]

Living With Purpose


    There once was a religious and political leader who lived in the Caucasus Mountains. He led his people through a long war against Russia trying to maintain their independence. He knew for his people to be at their strongest, all wrongdoing needed to be rooted out. He decreed a sentence of 100 lashes […]

Living With Purpose


    There was a flag used in the darkest hours of the revolutionary war. It was called the Tree Flag (or Appeal to Heaven Flag). It wasn’t the stars and stripes. It wasn’t red, white, and blue. Gen. George Washington unfurled a simple white flag with an evergreen tree sewn on it. Above the […]

Living Wit Purpose


    The greatest spirituality in a person can never be attained when pursuing the things of the world. A person left alone will not know the joys of abundant living because worldliness suffocates the soul. The “high life” requires a rigorous climb up the mountainside. When a person chooses the road less traveled—the one […]

Living With Purpose


    Despite our differences, we were made for human fellowship. While some personalities are quite content on keeping to themselves, as a general rule, we are starved and stunted in every way when we live selfish lives. Nobody is so poor within themselves than the person who shuts their sympathies away from their counterparts […]