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Living With Purpose


    On Christmas Eve in 2004, I traveled to a nearby town with my children and my father to meet a man and his wife who bred Labrador Retrievers. The meeting had been prearranged and we looked forward to this new addition to our family. The little 8 week-old black lab took turns being […]

Living With Purpose


    There once was a religious and political leader who lived in the Caucasus Mountains. He led his people through a long war against Russia trying to maintain their independence. He knew for his people to be at their strongest, all wrongdoing needed to be rooted out. He decreed a sentence of 100 lashes […]

Living With Purpose


    There was a flag used in the darkest hours of the revolutionary war. It was called the Tree Flag (or Appeal to Heaven Flag). It wasn’t the stars and stripes. It wasn’t red, white, and blue. Gen. George Washington unfurled a simple white flag with an evergreen tree sewn on it. Above the […]

Living Wit Purpose


    The greatest spirituality in a person can never be attained when pursuing the things of the world. A person left alone will not know the joys of abundant living because worldliness suffocates the soul. The “high life” requires a rigorous climb up the mountainside. When a person chooses the road less traveled—the one […]

Living With Purpose


    Despite our differences, we were made for human fellowship. While some personalities are quite content on keeping to themselves, as a general rule, we are starved and stunted in every way when we live selfish lives. Nobody is so poor within themselves than the person who shuts their sympathies away from their counterparts […]

Living With Purpose


    A farmer was looking across his vast field one day and he was filled with love for how much God had blessed him. He lifted his eyes and hands to heaven and thanked God. As he peered into the skies he could see that the clouds had formed, what appeared to be the […]

Living with Purpose


    The things of this world and our physical bodies are temporary and uncertain. Most of us are already taking medicine to patch up the holes in the temporary house in which we live. Despite all the patching we can do, our house (our body) will steadily grow old and become more and more […]

Living With Purpose


    There once was a young woman named Emma whose father died after a lengthy illness. He had worked hard all his life and passed on to her a good-sized inheritance. It helped put her through college and raise three young children. When she received the inheritance, she gave 10% of it to her […]

Living With Purpose


    Do you ever question God’s purpose and will for your life? Or in your later years, do you wonder if you have accomplished what God wanted you to do? One of the great statements ever made of a person can be found in Luke 2:52, “Jesus grew in wisdom and in stature and […]

Living With Purpose


    A soldier once shared with me a wilderness journey he experienced in life. One in which he found a way through and God provided for him. I met him on a military assignment in a southern state. He had been deployed several years earlier and was now preparing for another one. He explained […]