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Living With Purpose


    One of my most memorable activities of childhood was fishing with my grandfather. He passed away, but not before we made some fishing memories that are sure to appeal to the most avid angler. There’s a fishing story found in a passage from John 21 that always intrigued me as a child and […]

Living With Purpose


    Every now and then a friend, a church member, or a person I’ve known for some time will email, text, or call me and ask for prayer. Often in these cases it concerns a decision they are facing. I try to always honor their requests because of several reasons. First, because they acknowledge […]

Living With Purpose


    Of all the treasured possessions we have here on earth, friendship is one of the things that rise above all others. I don’t know of anyone who has not at some point in their life, depended on someone to help them successfully navigate through a difficult circumstance. A true-blue friend will be sincere […]

Living With Purpose (Girls Edition)


    I recently read a story about a young woman who was mesmerized by testimonies about faith healing. She was a noble, educated, and cultivated woman, but she was born with several birth marks that covered half of her face. They were so pronounced they could not possibly escape the attention of anyone. Every […]

Living With Purpose 


    I tend to dwell on the bright side of things or at least I try. But it can’t escape a person, even a positive thinker that this world has more corruption than we’d like to admit. It taints our thinking and cultivates an attitude of suspicion, doubt, and fear for the future. Here […]

Living With Purpose


    One of the symbolic descriptions from the most southern states around harvest time is that cotton fields are called “the snow of the south”. It’s a beautiful scene to look out across half-mile rows and see acres and acres of beautiful white cotton scattered among the country side. The “real snow” that falls […]

Living With Purpose 


    National Farmer’s Day was October 12 and there’s very few people in our little corner of the world that doesn’t have a connection to a family that works the land in some way. Most folks in rural areas appreciate the hard labor it requires to produce crops. The farmer has a unique and […]

Living With Purpose 


    There are many remedies offered for the ills of life. As a chaplain I’m often sought after to help people gain relief from the stresses in their life, but I don’t always have an immediate cure for them. Many of these folks have either become overwhelmed to the point they can’t see beyond […]

Living With Purpose 


    In 1907, President Theodore Roosevelt issued an Arbor Day proclamation to all the school children in the United States. Arbor Day exists to celebrate trees and educate people concerning their importance to our health and the environment. I’m not sure what schools are teaching kids these days concerning the importance of Arbor Day; […]

Living With Purpose


    How many times have you been guilty of causing a negative situation to get worse by talking when silence would’ve been the best decision? Ever since the 1940s, the United States Forest Service has used “Smokey the Bear” to teach people to be responsible with camp fires. In light of this analogy, we […]