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    Many years ago, a husband and wife wanted to teach their children the joy of giving to others at Christmas time. So, they called a family meeting. The father said, “Kids, this Christmas is going to be different from the rest. We’regoing to put up a Christmas tree and do all those things we normally do, but instead of buying gifts for ourselves, we are only giving gifts to family and friends.”

    The mother chimed in, “Your father is right. Remember what you’ve learned in Sunday School—it is more blessed to give than to receive (Acts 20:35) and those who give to others will be happy and do wonderful things (Proverbs 11:25).

    Ask God what classmate and friend He wants you to bless,” the father added.

    The children were hesitant to agree, because they liked to receive gifts at Christmas time. However, they did notdisobey their parents by arguing. For the next two weeks, they shopped each day to purchase gifts, they themselves would like to receive.

    The kids started having fun during the shopping sprees and bought into the family mission. They were encouraged by their parents message and were assured God was pleased with their positive attitude. The lesson of giving to others was resonating and they understood its importance.

    The day finally arrived to share the gifts with friends and the little boy said, “Did you see how happy my friend was?I am so glad we did this!”

    His sister was equally excited. “My friends hugged me three times! It’s good to make someone happy like that. It makes me happy to see them happy!

    The parents were pleased and told them to get ready for bed because it would be Christmas Day soon and she planned a big breakfast with all the trimmings.

    The next morning, the smell of pancakes and scrambledeggs were drawing the kids from the bed to the kitchen. Their mother told them to go in the living room because breakfast wasn’t quite ready. As they turned the corner to go into the room, their father was standing near the Christmas tree and said, “Merry Christmas!”

    The children’s eyes lit up with wonder and joy! For there, before their eyes were two brand-new bikes, and several other toys that had been wrapped with love and care.

    “But Daddy, we thought we were just giving gifts this year, not receiving?”

    “That’s true! their father responded, “And you were faithful in being content with giving and not receiving. A lesson in the Bible says, if you obey the Lord and give, you too will be blessed (Deuteronomy 28). And Matthew7:11 says, God gives good gifts to His children. Your mother and I wanted to bless you because of your unselfish heart. It’s a blessing to me and your mom to see you understand God’s plan for giving and blessings.

    We can all be sure God will more than equal the blessings for us when we choose to bless others with cheerful giving.

    When I think of the gifts given to the baby Jesus by the Wise Men, they did so with admiration and out of an act of reverent submission. Our gift to Christ must be accompanied with the gift of self in submission to him. He wants nothing else more, than your heart, so he can give you all that you need to prosper and persevere through the difficult times of earthly, physical life. Your commitment to him makes you the means whereby you can share the love of Christ with everyone you know.

    In a church service, the minister spoke on giving oneself to Christ at Christmas. When the offering plate was passed at the close of the service, a little lad whispered, “Hold the plate lower.” Finally the ushers discerned he was trying to get into the plate. The lad’s explanation was, “I want to give myself.” Isn’t that what Christ really wants of us at Christmas?

Merry Christmas to all and a happy and hopeful New Year!

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