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Williamson picks Rudman

The very popular Jayer Williamson, former District 3 State House Representative has made his decision on who will is supporting to fill his seat. Williamson has publicly endorsed Dr. Joel Rudman over Mariya Calkins. The primary vote, which will almost certainly decide the winner of the race ultimately, is on August 23rd.

Below is his post from his facebook page.

I have always tried my best to be transparent and straight forward with everyone so this is a long read on why I am endorsing Joel Rudman for State Representative, District 3. Honestly, I had no intentions of endorsing. I actually told both candidates over two months ago that I didn’t plan on endorsing either one of them. Even last month when a family member asked me, I told them I had watched a couple debates and while I clearly knew I would be voting for Rudman, I still didn’t like a couple of his answers so I wasn’t going to endorse. Over the past few weeks as I thought about that comment I came to the realization of just how unfair it was. I had fallen into the trap of letting perfect be the enemy of good. There is no perfect candidate in this race. There is no perfect candidate in any race, and quite frankly, the state representative they will be replacing wasn’t perfect either. This hit home; it made me grateful people gave me a chance the last eight years even if they didn’t agree with every single word I said. It also solidified why I need to come out and support “the Doc” to take my place. He is not just a good candidate, he is the best candidate. First, he is a proven conservative who has shown he will stand up for freedom and individual rights. In fact, he’s been doing it long before he signed up to run for office. As I’ve told you many times, you sent me to Tallahassee to protect two things, your freedom and your pocketbook. I believe Joel Rudman will do just that. Second, he is straight forward and not scared to answer a question, even if he feels you disagree with him. Even more importantly, he is not going to vilify you if you disagree. This is important in Tallahassee. This isn’t Congress where you just fight over hot button issues and never get anything done. This is the Florida House where we balance a budget every year and actually pass policy. Regurgitating the same three or four talking points over and over doesn’t get policy passed. Taking action, building relationships, articulating why your changes are needed, and hard work passes policy. It also helps you bring home funding to your district. It’s the difference between being a show horse and a workhorse. From what I have seen from Doctor Joel Rudman, he is ready to be our next workhorse. I hope you will join me in supporting him with your vote.
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