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PCA Wins Invitational

@Jay-On Tuesday, JHS hosted its 45th Annual Quarterback Club Invitational. Seven schools were in attendance. PCA won the boys and girls meet. Jay finished fourth in both girls and boys. Central finished 3rd in boys and 5th in girls.11BE80EE-0D79-4644-A3EC-3F4D9D12494011F24362-5052-4653-A658-626C7C6FC9D103856D0A-5450-470E-920F-491B3F9E42266A2FC98B-3C2C-4BCC-87A7-CFF508D5EFF952D90082-C31B-4BD2-BC5B-AAE53F535A2D87759C44-E6C9-4DC3-9196-AC3D4987581DBC32DABB-931C-479E-94ED-91441B8CF60FAC9F03B0-DEE5-4A38-A59F-C148A64DBFB6 9C6DF3FC-F837-41F0-9467-476CCBAC56B5F86201BD-D568-43D9-AAD9-A3937A81523B C2FF11FE-8BBA-487D-92F2-E75414E19CF1

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