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Peanut Pickin’ Time

Yes, it’s that time of year again. Dust in the air, tractors on the road getting from field to field…it’s peanut picking time. While it’s always important to be mindful when driving on the road, remember we share the road with our farmers and it’s extremely important to be patient while on the road as our local farmers are navigating $100,000 plus pieces of equipment.

Now that our public safety warning has been said, have you ever thought about the process a peanut goes through before it becomes, say peanut butter, or a salty treat in a Planters can?

Well, peanuts are dug out of the ground and left to lay to dry out. Then, peanuts are picked with machinery that separates the leaves and green parts of the peanut plant and only picks the peanuts. The “stuff” left behind is bailed and made into peanut hay.

Once our local farmers have their harvest, they sell to local mills or gins. The gins then further cure( dryed, cleaned) the peanuts, if needed, then sell to suppliers and then retailers. At this point the peanut’s future is decided. Will it be smashed and mashed into an oil or will it keep its shape and make a debut at a ball park as a favorite roasted, salty game snack?

Either way, we appreciate our farmers and respect what they do.20150910_18474720150910_184718

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