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Rotary Club of Navarre Proposes Rescue Tube Project for Navarre Beach

Rotary Club of Navarre has proposed to Santa Rosa County to install and maintain 12 rescue tube stations along Navarre Beach west of the Navarre Fishing Pier in an area of the beach without lifeguard towers.

Since 2010, 6 people have drowned on Navarre Beach in the unguarded area that would be covered by these proposed rescue tube stations. In two instances, the victim of drowning was attempting to rescue a swimmer in distress.

Rescue tubes have shown to be effective in helping both swimmers in distress and the Samaritan attempting to assist them in reaching the beach safely.

The cost to install and maintain the rescue tube stations would be paid by the Rotary Club of Navarre. In addition to the rescue tube stations, the Rotary Club plans to produce an instructional website and video.

Rotary Club of Navarre is very excited that Santa Rosa County BoCC are considering our proposal and we look forward to working with the County on helping make Navarre Beach safer.

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