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Happy Memorial Day! Thank a Vet!

To say that we are fortunate to live in America is an understatement. We are the richest nation in the world with the highest overall quality of life. However, as we all know, these things have not always come easy. Only through the dedication, sweat, blood, and tears of our service men and women have we come to enjoy all the freedoms that we love.

Originally called Decoration Day, the birthplace of Memorial Day is unclear as several towns claim to be its birthplace. President Lyndon B. Johnson in May of 1966 officially claimed Waterloo, N.Y. as the birthplace. Regardless, the day was set aside and marked to be a day that Americans honor the ones who have died in service protecting our freedoms. What started in May of 1868 as a general order in the military, has now become a national holiday that we may all think about the ones who paid the ultimate price for US.

PLEASE TAKE TIME TO THANK A VET! We here at want to say THANKS to all of our Veterans and active military!



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