North Santa Rosa

Jay, Pace, and Milton football schedules

                                                 JAY HIGH SCHOOL

Date                             Opponent                             Location              Time

8/22/14                     Baker High                            Baker                    7:00pm

8/29/14                   Flomaton High                         Jay                       7:00pm

9/5/14                       Rocky Bayou                     Destin Middle          7:00pm

9/12/14                     Vernon High                          Vernon                  7:00pm

9/19/14                    Escambia Academy                   Jay                      7:00pm

9/26/14                    Mcintosh Academy                  Jay                        7:00pm

10/3/14                    Northview High                    Northview               7:00pm

10/10/14                Graceville High                     Jay (HC)                     7;00pm

10/17/14                Baker High                                   Jay                         7:00pm

10/24/14                Cottondale High                          Jay                         7:00pm

10/31/14                 Freeport High                          Freeport                    7:00pm



Date                           Opponent                                 Location             Time

8/22/14                     Crestview                                  Crestview       7:00pm

8/29/14                     Choctaw                                    Pace                 7:30pm

9/5/14                        Niceville                                    Niceville         7:30pm

9/12/14                      Navarre                                     Pace                 7:30pm

9/19/14                      Washington                             Washington    7:30pm

9/26/14                     Madison County                      Pace                 7:30pm

10/3/14                     Pine Forest                               Pace                  7:30pm

10/10/14                   FortWalton Beach                   Ft. Walton       7:30pm

10/17/14                   Pensacola High                         Pace                  7:30pm

10/24/14                  Escambia High                          Escambia         7:30pm

10/31/14                  Milton                                           Milton              7:30pm



Date                        Opponent                          Location            Time

8/21/14(Thurs) Navarre                              Milton              7:30

8/29/14                 Crestview                          Crestview        7:30

9/5/14                    WF Tech                            Milton              7:30

9/12/14                  FWB                                     FWB                7:30

9/19/14                   PHS                                     Milton            7:30

9/26/14                 Navarre                               Navarre         7:30

10/3/14                Washington                        Washington   7:30

10/10/14             Catholic                                Milton              7:30

10/17/14             Escambia                            Escambia         7:30

10/24/14            Pine Forest                        Milton               7:30

10/31/14            Pace                                      Milton                7:30



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