North Santa Rosa

Home Invasion

On 08/27/2014 at approximately 02:30 hours Deputies responded to an armed home invasion robbery at 5069 Keystone Drive in Gulf Breeze, Florida. Upon arrival, Deputies spoke with the victim in identified as Steven Carl Struck. Struck had an obvious bleeding wound above his right eye.
Struck stated that on 08/26/2014 he had been corresponding via email and text messaging to who he believed was a white female by the name of “Gloria”. Struck stated he was looking for a “female companion” on Craigslist. Struck stated that at approximately 0200 hours on 08/27/2014 the white female arrived with a unknown white male. Struck asked her where her vehicle was. Struck stated the female stated they couldn’t find Struck’s driveway so they parked about a half block west of the residence under a street light. Struck stated he believed it was a small SUV type vehicle. Struck stated that he and “Gloria”, along with the unknown white male, were talking on his front porch. Struck stated Gloria asked if she could use Struck’s bathroom. Struck stated “Gloria” then used the hallway bathroom and returned. Struck stated the white male also asked to use the bathroom. Struck described the white female as mid 20’s with blonde straight hair and a poofy stomach about 5″4 120 pounds. Struck described the white male as being 5’6” with brown spikey hair, possible thin facial hair, wearing a grey t-shirt and jeans. Struck stated he saw through his front window that the white male was standing in his kitchen area by the island sink. Struck stated he went into his residence and confronted the white male. Struck stated the front door was open and a black male described as 6’1”, red t-shirt and baggy jeans came in behind him. Struck stated the black male placed him in a rear choke hold and began choking him out while asking “where it at”. Struck stated the white male grabbed three hundred dollars off of the kitchen counter.

Struck stated he was laying on the floor in the foyer area of the residence. Struck stated he began to move and then another black male entered the residence and they both began striking Struck in his head and face. Struck stated he saw the white male enter Struck’s bedroom and come out with a suitcase containing Struck’s guns. Struck stated they made him go to his bedroom and began striking Struck again. Struck stated one of the black males told him to stay still. Struck stated he was slumped over his bed at that time. Struck stated after everybody left, he grabbed a handgun out of his night stand and his home phone. Struck stated he then called the Sheriff’s office. Struck stated that 16 firearms were taken along with 300 dollars cash and his cell phone. Struck also stated an unknown amount of ammunition was taken. Deputies observed Struck’s bed sheets to have blood on them, along with an open and mostly empty gun safe. The scene was consistent with the statements made by Struck.
A “BOLO” was issued for the vehicle to surrounding law enforcement agencies. Gulf Breeze Police Department observed a silver 2005 Chrysler Pacifica travelling westbound, occupied by multiple subjects matching the description. Officers attempted a traffic stop and the vehicle engaged in a high speed pursuit into Pensacola. Pensacola Police Department. Officers continued with the pursuit and lost sight of the vehicle near 12 Avenue and Texar Drive. Within a few minutes, they located the vehicle abandoned in a driveway at 16th Avenue and Texar Drive. Soon after, in the same area, two adult black males, one adult white male, and one adult white female were found walking and/or hiding. Two very young children were also present with them. The vehicle belongs to the girlfriend of one of the black male subjects that was found walking in the area. The four subjects and two children were transported to Pensacola Police Department for further investigation where they are being detained pending formal charges from this agency. An open suitcase full of firearms and ammunition was found inside the vehicle.

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