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Checking in on the Lady Royals at State…


Checking in on the Lady Royals…

Thursday, May 8th…Pregame day. The day before the state semi-final showdown between Jay and Bell. In speaking with head coach Brian Watson and Assistant Coach Brian Moye, we’ve learned that the Lady Royals have been enjoying their trip thus far. But today, pregame day, the mindset starts to get a little more focused. Routines are set and to be followed. “Yesterday (Wednesday) we went and watched some of the other state semi-final games. Some of the bigger schools. Saw some really good pitching. Then we took the girls to the mall, ate at the food court, then went to the arcade. Had some fun,” stated Coach Brian Moye.

However, both coaches said that today they will begin to get more in the routine of tomorrow’s, gameday schedule. “I had to beat them in ski ball last night at the arcade, but today we start to get in more of a business mode,” said head coach Brian Watson. “We’re going to wake them up at the same time we’ll wake them up tomorrow (Friday). Get them to the ball park at Fort Pierce High School to hit around and practice at the same time we will be heading to the ball park on Friday. Round 11:00am. We’re going to practice them. Then this evening, we’re going to go eat somewhere nice and get them to bed on time. Try and get in the same routine as tomorrow so they’ll be accustomed to it.” Coach Moye added, “Everything is so time pressed here at state. Everything is on a pretty tight schedule as far as when you can take batting practice, and when you take the field. Really need to make the most of your time and be sharp.”

The Lady Royals seem to be focused and to be taking things seriously, but not too tight. “They don’t seem to be awe-struck of the moment. The stadium is nice, but not as big as the last time we played at state. Fields are great. Just a really nice place to come and watch a softball game,” stated Watson. “The girls seem to be ready to just go play.”

The town of Jay hopes that they are and will be rooting for these young ladies and their coaches.

Check back later today for the Gameday page. We are going to release it a little early due to the early game time tomorrow.


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