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IMG_1220Jay High School hosted the District track meet on Thursday.  It was a day field with excitement, disappointment, personal records, and school records.  The Lady Royals of Jay came out on top when all the scores were added to be crowned the district champs.

GIRLS:  100 meter dash: Central’s Brittany Amey finished first, Amber Cross(Jay) was 3rd, and Kayla Flowers (Jay) was 5th.  200 meter dash;  Alexis Clark (Central) 1st,  Amber Cross (Jay) 3rd, Autumn Ates (Jay) 5th.  400 meter; Kristen Pike (Jay) 2nd, Alexis Clark (Central) 3rd, Savannah Brown(Jay) 4th, Kaysee Joseph (Central) 8th.  800 meter run; Jessica Thornton (Jay) 1st, Anna-Grace Smith (Jay) 3rd, Jenna Thornton (Jay) 4th, Christine Clark (Central) 6th.  1600 meter run; Jessica Thornton (Jay) 2nd.  3200 meter run;  Carsen Arrant (Jay) 5th, Kendra Weekes (Jay) 8th. 100 meter hurdles;  Carissa Mulford (Jay) 3rd, Jorja Agrait (Jay) 5th, Kelly Hoover (Jay) 6th, Alyssa Chavis (Jay) 8th.  300 meter hurdles; Brittany Amey (Central) 1st, Jorja Agrait (Jay) 3rd, Carissa Mulford (Jay) 5th. 4×100 relay; Central 3rd, Jay 4th.  4×400 Relay; Jay High 1st, Central 3rd.  4×800 relay; Jay 1st, Central 3rd.

High Jump; Kolby Copeland (J) 4th, Jessica Thornton (J) 5th, Paige Smith (J) 7th, Autumn Ates (J) 8th.  Long Jump; Brittany Amey (C) 2nd, Carissa Mulford (J) 4th. Kayla Flowers (J) 6th, Paige Smith (J) 7th. Triple Jump; Paige Smith (J) 2nd, Carissa Mulford (J) 3rd, Kayla Flowers (J) 4th, Carsen Arrant (J) 6th.  Shot put;  Makayla Simmons (C) 1st, Brianna Hawthorne (J) 6th. Discus; Makayla Simmons (C) 3rd, Brianna Hawthorne (J) 5th, and Jenna Thornton (J) 6th.


In boys action: 100 meter dash; Ronald Burk (Central) 8th.  200 meter;  Braden Cross (Jay) 2nd, Ronald Burk (C) 6th.  400 meter; Joshua Strength (C) 1st,  William Richardson (C) 6th.  800 meter run; Cody Wolfe (J) 3rd, Kyle Fuller (C) 4th, Casey Zilstia (J) 7th. 1600 meter run; Kyle Fuller (C) 4th, Daniel Griswold (C) 5th, Morgan Givins (C) 6th.  3200 meter; Micha Kemp (J) 3rd.  110 hurdles; Mason Bridges (J) 3rd.  300 hurdles; Victor Mishoe (J) 1st, Mason Bridges (J) 5th.  4×100 relay; Jay 2nd. 4×400 relay; Central 3rd, Jay 4th. 4×800 relay; Central 2nd.

High Jump; AJ Fraley (J) 5th, Jacob Madden (J) 6th.  Long Jump; Victor Mishoe (J) 4th. Shot put, Tucker Harrington (J) 2nd, Colby Diamond (J) 4th, Jared Hunt (J) 8th. Discus: Tucker Harrington (J) 2nd, Cody Hitt (J) 4th, Colby Diamond (J) 6th.

Top four places in each event will travel to Tallahassee for Regionals next Saturday.

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