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From the Guidance Counselor

COMPLETE FAFSA apply online at:       This can be done after January 1, 2014 and you must have 2013 income tax return information.  You will also need to check the website for the list of documents that you will need prior to completing the application and how to obtain a PIN so you can electronically sign the application. I recommend you make appointment with Robin Giacin at PSC Milton Campus to help you complete the online application …it is free.  Call 484-4455 and make appointment !  She can also answer questions about FAFSA.  FAFSA on the web has a website that allows applicants to access their IRS tax information and have it automatically inserted into their FAFSA application.  There is also a twitter feed at  and facebook page   Videos and also found at



Sueno Yoshida Foundation, Inc. Scholarship or the Jeffrey Scott Davey Scholarship.  SAME APPLICATION IS A HARDCOPY of application in top file drawer outside my office. Deadline is postmarked by February 28, 2014.


NIKKI FINDLEY HAGLER SCHOLARSHIP DEADLINE APRIL 16, 2014 to Ms. Walther guidance. In file under “N” for Nikki!

ODENZA MARKETING GROUP SUMMER SCHOLARSHIP  $500  Submit answers to essay questions on application  GPA of 2.5 or higher.  DEADLINE IS MARCH 30, 2014

Locklin Tech scholarships for Massage Therapy Program (tuition, books etc.) and LPN nursing program. Return to Locklin student services by April 4, 2014 or to Ms. Walther in guidance. Under “L” for locklin in file outside guidance.


Free tuition to the TULSA WELDING SCHOOL in Jacksonville.  If you are interested in becoming a welder you may wish to complete this application and return by Feb. 28. You need 3 letters of recommendation, transcript and attendance record and a 500 word essay.  Register on FACEBOOK and see   to appy


Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation scholarship: students ages 16 and older may apply online at   for a $5000 scholarship and apprenticeship experience in the entertainment industry and comedy with Steve Harvey.  Must be 21 to be eligible for Apprenticeship experience.  Deadline March 15, 2014.



NAVY LEAGUE SCHOLARSHIP   $1200  Deadline is April 15, 2014 to address on application.  Look in file under “N” for Navy.


United Daughters of the Confederacy eligible students.  Deadline is March 31, 2014. Outside guidance under “U”  for United Daughters…



PEN AIR SCHOLARSHIP $1000–DEADLINE April 1, 2014 mailed to Pen Air address Applications in file drawer under “P” outside guidance office.


Santa Rosa medica Center Auxiliary Scholarship  Deadline March 14 to address on application.  See file drawer under “S” for Santa Rosa. Health care fields majors. 3.0 GPA . 


FRIENDS scholarship deadline MARCH 11, 2014.  In file drawer, under “F” for FRIENDS.




Ayo and Iken PLC, scholarship opportunity available for high school seniors, children of divorced parents. $1,000 scholarship deadline for scholarship submissions is May 1st, 2014 website for information and application form page:  


Southern Scholarship Foundation provides housing for qualified students with 3.0 GPA or higher, financial need identified on FAFSA and good character.  Students can save $10,000 – $12,000 per year on housing.  Apply online at   The sooner you apply the better your chances!


Florida Society Colonial Dames XVII Century  (1) ANNE MASSEY SCHOLARSHIP $1000  Deadline April 15, 2014 to address on application. Find application in file drawer under “A” for ANNE.


Florida Society Colonial Dames XVII Century (2) JROTC scholarship $500 must be enrolled in High school JROTC program. Deadline April 15, 2014


** NORTHWEST FLORIDA GATOR CLUB: $500 scholarship for students accepted to UF for fall. See Ms. Walther in guidance for an application if you cannot download and print it yourself.  Deadline is April 19, 2014 to address on application in Pensacola or hand deliver.


AABE Scholarship deadline:  March 1, 2014   See Ms. Walther for application if you cannot download and print it.

Have, minimally, an overall “B” unweighted academic average (3.0 or better on a 4.0 scale).

Be a graduating high school senior who has applied to one or more accredited colleges/universities.

Plan to major in business, one of the physical sciences, technology, engineering or mathematics fields in preparation for a career in the energy sector.

Be a member of one of a class or group of individuals who has been historically underrepresented in the sciences, technology, engineering and math related disciplines. The Gulf Coast Chapter of AABE will award six $1,500 scholarships. The top winner’s application is forwarded to compete for a Southeast  Regional Award of $3,000. Additionally, a “Rufus D. Gladney” Premier Award of $5,000 is given annually to the candidate who is judged to demonstrate the most outstanding achievement and promise. National Awards are made to the students upon presentation of proof of enrollment at an accredited college or university. Distribution of local chapter awards are made at the discretion of the local chapter upon proof of enrollment at an accredited college


**RAIDER RUN SCHOLARSHIP   $1000  : 3.0 GPA and 500 word essay on how you have achieved balance between academics, community service and promoted diversity in your environment. DEADLINE is due postmarked by March 21, 2014 mailed to address on application.  Applications under “R” for Raider Run.


Think College: College Options for People with Intellectual Disabilities  


BUICK ACHIEVERS SCHOLARSHIP:  Deadline Feb. 28, 2014.  Visit for details and online application.


JOHNSON SCHOLARSHIP FOUNDATION   Deadline is April 15, 2014 for children of UPS employees and May 15, 2014 for Students with disabilities who will attend one of the 11 state universities, questions should be directed to the appropriate university campus contact.


BBB FOUNDATION STUDENT ETHICS SCHOLARSHIP DEADLINE to their office must be postmarked or delivered by March 14, 2014.  Applications in file drawer under “B” for BBB.


SANTA ROSA FARM BUREAU SCHOLARSHIP  DEADLINE —APRIL 30, 2014 to Farm Bureau Insurance Office.  Applications in file drawer under “F”


EREC HERMAN D.JOHNSON SCHOLARSHIP.  Deadline MONDAY! March 3, 2014 to EREC. Hard copies under “E “ In file outside guidance.


FSASE Florida State Association of Supervisors of elections Scholarship.  Political science/public or business admin. Or journalism/mass communication majors. Accepted as full time college student, BE REGISTERED TO VOTE. Deadline March 17, 2014 to Supervisor of Elections in SRC.  Hardcopies are under “F” in file outside guidance office.


SONS OF ITALY SCHOLARSHIP : Deadline April 17, 2014. Seniors who are of Italian-American descent, with one grand parent or great grandparent who was or is Italian.


CURTIS E. LLOYD SCHOLARSHIP DEADLINE MARCH 1, 2014.  POSTMARKED by March 1, 2014 with 2.5 GPA compelte application, typewritten filling in all blanks.  $1000 paid to student.  Applications under “C” for Curtis.


B. Davis Scholarship” Please visit our website at  to apply for our scholarship.  While you’re there, please browse through the rest of the site to learn more about applying for scholarships, deadline for applications is May 26, 2014 Amount:  $1,000

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at   Jason Rumeacher /Director  For those who might be going into Biology or Marine Life.  Many scholarship opportunities.


Emerald Coast Chapter of the International Test and Evaluation Association scholarship. The purpose of our program is to assist and encourage outstanding and deserving students to complete their education in scientific and engineering fields related to test and evaluation.  The scholarship will be based on an interest in these fields, academic achievement, personal character, leadership, and other noteworthy achievements.  Applicants must be U.S. citizens and residents of Okaloosa, Walton, or Santa Rosa County at the time of the application.   A scholarship package is also included or can be found on our web site and should be downloaded, completed, and submitted for review no later than  March 1, 2014 for consideration.  Additional information about our organization and this program is located on our web site at   HYPERLINK  Scholarship recipients will be announced at the high school Honors Program if all actions are completed in time.   Last year we had applications from many outstanding students and awarded several $1,000 scholarships.  If I can answer any questions about our program, or need to make any corrections to your contact information, please call 850-883-5359 or send me an email at   


Marist College in Poughkeepsie, New York is offering 4 year tuition, room and board Technology scholarships for students enrolling in fall 2014.  Their students are doing internships and obtaining employment with IBM, CitiGroup etc.  You may go online to   to apply for enrollment and to apply for this scholarship.  You can contact Kent Rinehart Dean of Admissions at 845-575-3226 for more information.



Abbott and Fenner Scholarship Program Abbott & Fenner Business Consultants are pleased to be able to continue with our scholarship program for the 7th year.  We will be awarding up to $1,000 to the winner(s) each year. Scholarship Deadline   –  June 14, 2014. Application Process Students will submit an essay on the topic that appears on the scholarship page of our web site:  Full details are available on our site.


Scholarship Website:  Contact: Alex Mazur @


GE-Reagan Foundation Scholarship.  Go to website  to apply. 3rd annual “Aspiring Animation Professional” Scholarship Program.  We are offering high school seniors the opportunity to win a $1,000 scholarship.  This will be awarded to students that are interested in pursuing an animation career path at an accredited post-secondary school or college.  Visit the website,  to find eligibility information along with the online application.  Shawn Harrell PR Manager Animation Career Review, a subsidiary of BGP Site Solutions DEADLINE JUNE 1, 2014


William Carey University Scholarships:   Scholars:  With ACT 29 receive 30  hours tuition first 2 years and 33 the last 2 years and $1725 room waiver.  Must maintain 3.5 GPA . First time Freshman scholarship: Trustee scholarship: 27 ACT $6, 600 per year and maintain 3.2 GPA, Presidential: ACT 24 $5,600 per year maintain 3.0 GPA. For more information view www.WMCAREY.EDU


UNIVERSITY OF MOBILE  VISITATION  DAYS  $2000 scholarship students can receive for registering and attending a VISIT DAY. Go to for more information.  Justin McGehee or call 251-442-2638


LIFT PARTS EXPRESS SCHOLARSHIP $1000 Deadline June 30, 2014 3.0 GPA or higher, legal resident, enrolled by Fall of 2014 Write essay on this year’s topics to apply and for details


BBG COMMUNICATIONS SCHOLARSHIP $1000 Deadline June 30, 2014 Submit answers to two essay questions found on the application page.  Applications found at  




10 WORDS OR LESS SCHOALRSHIP $500  Be high school senior, attending college in fall 2014. Apply


FIND A LAW SCHOLARSHIP  $500  for application.  Enroll in college or technical school by Sept. 2014 Deadline May 15, 2014


Athletes who plan to play college ball:  Be sure to register online for NCAA at  College bound athletes: may register your 10th grade year.  Must take the ACT or SAT and use code 9999 to have scores sent directly to NCAA CENTER from ACT/SAT.


BRIGHT FUTURES has changed.  ACT Scores required are now 26 with GPA of 3.0 on core classes for Florida Medallion Scholarship and 75 volunteer hours…. 29 ACT and 3.5 GPA in core classes and 100 volunteer hours for Florida Academic Scholar. The GOLD SEAL is a 3.0 GPA in core and 3.5 in vocational program courses. You must complete 3 vocational courses in SAME program to be eligible.  TEST SCORES remained the same: ACT 17 English, 18 Reading and 19 math. Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program Initial Eligibility brochure may be accessed at  after Dec. 1, 2013

 You may access the requirements on this link:


At the beginning of this year, the new state guidelines said seniors of 2013 MUST COMPLETE FAFSA for the FLORIDA BRIGHT FUTURES TO BE AWARDED!  However, as of APRIL 22, 2013 the Governor changed that rulingSeniors of 2014 no longer have to apply for FAFSA. 


 websites to help you with ACT/SAT and other resources and college etc.:   FREE WEBSITE TO PRACTICE ACT/SAT  for those first in family to attend college  MEGA RESOURCES CHECK IT OUT!  make an account, register for ACT tests and take FREE practice tests !


Money for College-Florida Scholarships and Grants   Search for scholarships over 1.5 million but you can target your search by creating a profile

Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program Initial Eligibility brochure

Evaluating Financial Aid Award Letters


The Florida Virtual Campus (formerly known as is an online academic support system for Florida’s students. Middle and high school students can still:

  • Explore career and academic options
  • Access high school transcript information
  • Evaluate courses completed against the requirements for graduation, college and career readiness, and Bright Futures Scholarships
  • Search college and university profiles and degree offerings
  • See requirements for admission and transferring
  • Find college- and university-level distance learning courses
  • Search library offerings
  • Apply online for admission and financial aid



Debbie Walther

Guidance Counselor

Jay High School

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