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CVS Robbery-Gulf Breeze- Arrest

A suspect walked into a CVS in Gulf Breeze and attempted to rob the pharmacy. What he didn’t plan on was an attentive sales staff.   On 2/16/14, Deputies were dispatched to the CVS located at 3359 Gulf Breeze Parkway. The caller was reporting a robbery at the location at the suspect had already left the location. Dispatch was advised a white male with dreadlocks and tattoos attempted to rob the pharmacy and exited the location after a brief struggle with staff members inside the store.   Deputies immediately arrived at the location and were given a detailed description of the suspects to include dreadlocks and several distinctive tattoos. During the robbery, the suspect was approached by sales staff and asked if he needed assistance. While telling the sales associate he was robbing the store, a crow bar fell out from under his jacket. The sales associate grabbed the bar and they briefly struggled. The sales associate disarmed the suspect by taking the crow bar away. The employees then escorted the suspect to the front exit where he left on foot.   Deputies quickly identified the suspect from the in store CCTV system. He was identified as Jereb Shane Johnson (12-10-86) of Oak Ridge Drive in Gulf Breeze. Deputies responded to his home where he was subsequently located and arrested. Johnson was taken to the Santa Rosa County Jail where he remains in custody without a bond.

Suspects: Jereb Shane Johnson 2800 block of Oak Ridge Dr Gulf Breeze 12/10/86   Charges: 1 ct Robbery with Weapon 1’st degree Felony

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