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     Is there chaos in your world? Do you feel uncertain about the future? It’s true we’re living in a time of upheaval. The global economy is stagnate, millions are out of work, governments around the world are shutting down, nations are threatening war with each other, and terrorists continue to plot to kill in mass. All of this and we wonder what kind of world our kids will inherit?

     Fear comes to all, believers and unbelievers. And in the middle of all this, believers are called to trust the Lord with the assurance that He can deliver. Psalm 34:4 says, “I looked for the Lord, and He answered me. And He took away all my fears.” In times like these, it’s tempting to physically, mentally, and emotionally reach out to those things that are easily and readily available. There are some things (alcohol, drugs, unhealthy relationships, habits) that can bring out the worst in you. Seeking comfort from them will lead you down a path of destruction. You can be delivered from fears and the troubling effects of your failings. When the Bible talks about trusting in God, it doesn’t mean that trust will make all the circumstances of your life turn out great. It does mean, however, having confidence in the character and love of God even when hard times deliver crushing blows.

     A husband and wife had their lives changed when their child was born with severe physical disabilities. They loved him deeply and did everything they could to give him the best quality of life. Then they realized it was quite possible he could outlive them. Even though they did what they could and planned for his future, they ultimately were not in control. They chose not to let fear gnaw-away at them. They rested on the character of God and trusted in Him. They lived with a peace that only comes from sincerely trusting in God. Scripture says, “He will keep the person in perfect peace, whose mind is kept on Him, because they trust in Him” (Isaiah 26:3). A mature faith recognizes that even though the circumstances of life can be horrible, God is worthy of our trust.

     This brings us to the Cross of Christ, who forever settled the fact that God is committed to us. The cross also demonstrated that God in His providence allowed His Son to experience extraordinary pain to accomplish His broader purposes. Many times, the things God allows, doesn’t make sense when they happen. We may come to find out in time if we ask Him (Jer. 33:3). But there are some things in His plan that will not make sense until we get to heaven. Until then, He offers us deliverance from our fears if we will seek Him.

     It’s important we remain T-R-U-E to God, no matter what. Hebrews 10: 22-23 says, “Let us come near to God with a true heart full of faith. Our hearts must be made clean from guilty feelings…we can trust God He will do what He promised.”

     In spite of adversity there are four (4) ways to remain T-R-U-E to God. First, T-RUST Him; Psalm 37:40 says, “The Lord helps them and takes them out of trouble. He takes them away from the sinful, and saves them, because they go to Him for a safe place.” One of the reasons we fail spiritually is because we don’t trust God completely. We trust in material things and the results of personal pursuits. To remain true to God we must put Him first, before pleasure and position or fame and fortune.

     Second, R-ENEW the spirit of your mind (Eph. 4:23); spiritual renewal requires nothing more than a willing heart that feeds off a continual intake of spiritual nutrients. This is the key to being spiritually fit. Spiritual nutrients come from fellowship with God and meditating on His Word daily. The true way to share your blessings with others is to receive them from God. “Those that wait upon the Lord, shall renew their strength…” (Isaiah 40:31).

     Third, U-NITE with like-minded believers; it’s impossible to claim harmony with God, when you are at odds with fellow Christians, harboring resentments, and holding to bad attitudes. Unity with God requires unity with others also. To be true to God, we must be kind and forgiving to others. Consider the feelings of others and go the extra mile. 1 John 4:20 reminds us, “If a person says, I love God, but hates their brother, they are a liar. If a person does not love their brother whom they have seen, how can they love God, whom they have not seen?”

     Finally, to remain true to God, E-NDURE until the end of your time; “Keep On Keeping On” as the old saying goes. Regardless of the circumstances, determine to stay the course and remain true to God. Determination, plus God’s help, will enable us to “endure hardship”, as a good Soldier of Christ” (2 Tim. 2:3). It’s easy to stay true when everything is going well. Be prepared and don’t throw up your hands in despair when adversity strikes; “…For the one who stays true to the end will be saved” (Matt. 24:13). God does not create us to live lives that are paralyzed by fear. Find hope in that He is able and willing to give us a peace beyond human understanding if we will remain T-R-U-E and if we will trust Him. See you in church on Sunday!

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