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Two Arrested in Animal Abuse Case

Two suspects are in the Santa Rosa County Jail and are being held on $3500.00 bond each for animal cruelty charges

On 5/20/13, Deputies received information from the Santa Rosa County Animal Control Service regarding health nuisance violations. In addition, there were allegations of animals being adopted into the community which were infected with contagious diseases. The business was identified as the Kirkham Kattery Rescue Inc (Milton, FL)


Investigators began to look into the allegations and subsequently sent in an undercover Deputy to make a controlled adoption. The cats that were adopted were taken to a veterinarian immediately after for a health inspection. It was determined the cats were infected with feline leukemia, upper respiratory infection, bronchitis, flea infestation, tapeworm infestation and several other diseases.


In addition to the investigation, Animal Control provided several citizen complaints which Deputies followed up on. Complaints included the adoption of sick cats, foul smells at the residence, cats which appeared to be sick in the home and approximately 100 cats roaming inside the home.


After the investigators completed their investigation, a Search Warrant was applied for and granted by a Santa Rosa County Judge. Today, at approximately 1:45 pm, the Search Warrant was executed with the assistance of Animal Control. 214 cats were located in the residence. Due to the results of the controlled adoption as provided by a veterinarian, the animals were all removed from the residence and turned over to Animal Control. The cats will be examined and treated accordingly.


The two suspects, Allan and Ella Kirkham had warrants issued by a Judge and were subsequently arrested. They were transported to the Santa Rosa County Jail.




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