North Santa Rosa

7-11th grade Awards for Jay High


AGRICULTURE ACADEMY         9-11   Olivia Moore

(Ed Kelley)                                         7-8     James Hatfield

BUSINESS ACADEMY                    9-11   Olivia Britt

(Ann Findley)                                    CAREER EDUCATION-  Rebecca Boutwell


CULINARY  ACADEMY                9-11   Cody Smith

(Kelly Mitchem)                                7-8    Timmy Locklin

YEARBOOK-                                     9-11    Brittani Ashworth



(Teresa Hendricks)

ART-                                                       9-11    Reilly Andrews

COMPUTER ART-                           9-11   Abby Harrison



(Nina Hendricks) HOSA awards: 9th Alaina Smith  10th Sarah Adkinson  11th Harley Bradley  and HOSA state competitors: Harley Bradley, Chassity McCranie, Cheyenne Mack, Sarah Adkinson, Ally Settle, Holley Fugatt, Emily Ashworth, Riana Wolfe and Olivia Britt. And National Competitor – Cheyenne Mack

ITV: Junia Fischer                            9-11    Tate Upton and Francis Harrington


BAND-                                             7/8-  Dylan Wayland

(Conni Pettis)                                    9-11-Austin Herring


PHYSICAL EDUCATION-           7- Landon Smith

(Becky Holley)                                8- Jocelyn Wells

9- Michaela Stewart

10- Emily Dobson

11-Colby Diamond

ENGLISH                                         7-  Anna-Grace Smith

(Mindy Jordan)                                8-    Rebecca Boutwell

Pre-Aice English 1- Cody Wolfe

10-  Satchel Starling  AICE General Paper

11-  Dylan Wolfe  AICE English Language


SPANISH                                        10- Micah Kemp

11- Kayla Flower


MATH                                               7- Austin Gonzalez

(Johnny Wolfe)                                 8-  Rebecca Boutwell

9-   Jared Hendricks Pre Aice Math 2

10- Micah Kemp Alg. 2 Honors

11- Kayla Flowers AICE Math 1

SRCCTM Top Middle Grade Math Student:  Cody Wolfe


SCIENCE                                               7-   Will Seib

(Kendra Killam)                                    8-   Dalton Bradley

Cody Wolfe  Pre AICE Biology 1

10-  Micah Kemp

11-  Dylan Wolfe


SOCIAL STUDIES                                7- Cydney Covert

(Rhett Rowell)                                       8-   Cody Wolfe

10- Satchel Starling

11- Dylan Wolfe


BETA CLUB & NHS new members: Brandi Williamson/ Amy Hatfield

Sunshine State Scholar in Math & Science:  Kayla Flowers


Duke University Talent Identification Participants: Based on 90%ile or higher on FCAT math/reading :Autumn Ates, Austin Gonzalez, Christian Kent, William Seib, Anna-Grace Smith, Brandon White and Matthew Taylor who qualified for state recognition !


Perfect Attendance: Robert Carnley, Anthony Gonzalez, Jason Gonzalez, Tyler Odom, Jeremiah Phillips, Ben Watson


All A Honor Roll All Year!: Cydney Covert, Timmy Locklin, Jescie Roberts, Will Seib, Anna-Grace Smith, Rebecca Boutwell, Dalton Bradley, Savannah Brown, James Hatfield, Destiny Herring, Courtney Walther, Cody Wolfe, Megan Mulford, Kaitlyn Pugh, Matthew Saylor, Logan Smith, Harley Tagert, Jocelyn Wells, Emily Ashworth, Chandler Sedlacek, Jay Carnley, Alaina Smith, Makenzie Bray, Briana Brown, Micah Kemp, Colby Odom, Alisha Robertsw, Emily Russell, Satchel Starling, Kayla Flowers, Dylan Wolfe, Jessalyn Phelps, Kathryn English, Dylan Nadsady, Dillon Lambert!


Congressional Art Award : Abby Harrison who will receive a trip to D.C. and her work hangs in White House for a year.


EREC Washington Youth Tour Winner for Santa Rosa County: Kayla Flowers

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