North Santa Rosa

Jay Tennis on a roll

Girls team (6-4)

Hendricks over Miller 8-0,  E. Russell over Thompson 8-0,  Owens  over Barton 8-2, A. Russell over Carter 8-0,  English over Watson 8-0.  In doubles  Hendricks/E. Russell over Miller/ Thompson  8-0, and A. Russell/Owens over Barton/Carter 8-1

Boys team (8-2)


Goodson over Hall 8-3, Trevino over Boyington 8-0, Paramore over Fails 8-0, Garcia over I. Watson 8-1, and Wolfe by default.  In Doubles:  Goodson/Trevino over Hall/Boyington  8-2 and Paramore/Garcia over Watson/Fails 8-0

The Royals will pake up the rained out game with West Florida on Thursday at the UWF courts.

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