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Prescribed burn planned south of I-10

The Florida Forest Service is planning to conduct a 2,100-acre prescribed burn on the southern portion of Blackwater River State Forest along the Yellow River. Smoke from the burn will be visible from the interstate but predicted winds (West northwest) should minimize the impact and direct the smoke away from travelers.


A helicopter will be used for ignition purposes and Forest Service staff will close a portion of Fisher Old Mill Road as well as two boats ramps along the road. The boundaries for this burn will be Blue Barnes Road to the north, Yellow River to the south, Deer Lake Road to the West and Garner Landing Road to the east. (See map below) We ask that any motorists in the area drive with caution and treat any encounters with smoke as they would fog – lights on, drive slowly. If it is unsafe to continue, pull safely off the road and wait for the smoke to dissipate.


Prescribed fire is one of the most effective and efficient tools in land management. Florida’s ecosystems have adapted over time to not only accept fire as part of the natural landscape but some species require regular fire activity in order to survive. In addition to the ecological benefits, prescribed burns also help reduce the dangers of wildfires by remove much of the undergrowth within a certain area and eliminating the fuel wildfires need in order to spread.

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