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Central School – Literacy Events January 14-18, 2012

Ongoing District/School Events Central School will have a week of reading books from authors who have taken the lead and helped us to learn the joy of reading.

Jan. 14

30 Million Minute Marathon

Classes will stop and read for 20 minutes during the school day. All the minutes will be added together and entered for Central School and given to the district.


Jan. 15

Black Stallion-by Walter Farley

Classes will do activities, stories, poems, facts, and other ideas around horses and the book Black Stallion.   Video will be planning on ITV.

Wednesday, Jan. 16 Pre Ks all over the state of Florida will read “Hot Rod Hamster” by Cynthia Lord at 9:30 AM.

K-5 will write horse stories using the fact and details they learned on Tuesday.  The stories will be posted outside of each class for all to read.


Jan. 17

Celebrate Amelia Bedelia’s 50th Birthday!!! Read and do activities around Peggy Parish’s books.
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