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Teachers Receive SR Educational Foundation Grants

110 Teachers Receive Santa Rosa Education Foundation Grants

 Santa Rosa Education Foundation is pleased to award 110 Teacher Grants totaling $22,000 to Santa Rosa public educators.  SREF, in partnership with Santa Rosa Medical Center, the Consortium of Florida Education Foundations, the Florida Legislature, and the Gulf Breeze Optimist Club, is enabling teachers to implement grants that engage students in active learning while increasing student achievement.

2012 Teacher Grant Recipients:  Jennifer Adams & Regina Clapper, Dixon Intermediate; Brittain Amos-Bankester, Pea Ridge Elementary; Laura Ashford & Rebecca Rosenburg, Russell Elementary; April Ballard, Dixon Intermediate; Heather Barona, Gulf Breeze Middle; Nadia Batson, Oriole Beach Elementary; Jeffery Baugus, Woodlawn Beach Middle; Frank Beckwith, Avalon Middle; Cindy Berry, Dixon Intermediate; Bonni Billings, Holley Navarre Primary; Amanda Bishop, Navarre High; Michele Brown, West Navarre Intermediate; Kimberly Browning, Gulf Breeze Elementary; Cheryl Burt, Holley Navarre Intermediate; Kristy Burt, Russell Elementary; Rebecca Cahill, Avalon Middle; M’Adele Carson, Russell Elementary; Dorothy Castleberry, Gulf Breeze Elementary; Catlin Cibula, Gulf Breeze Elementary; Tricia Coady, Gulf Breeze Elementary; Ed Conley, Locklin Tech; Deb Connors, West Navarre Primary; Brenda Dean, Holley Navarre Intermediate; Beth DePersio, West Navarre Intermediate; Lisa Dillashaw, Pace High; Ryan Duphiney, West Navarre Intermediate; Lota Elliott, Holley Navarre Middle; Pat Eubanks, Rhodes Elementary; Rachel Evers, Oriole Beach Elementary; Sam Ezell, Milton High; June Ferrer, West Navarre Intermediate; Tracy Fischetti, Navarre High; Melissa Floyd, Dixon Intermediate; Dawn Foss, West Navarre Intermediate; Tammie Free, Jay Elementary; Daryl Freeman, Pea Ridge Elementary; Amy Frizzell, Rhodes Elementary; Michele Fuller, Woodlawn Beach Middle; Shirley Gomez, West Navarre Intermediate; Renee Goodson, Sims Middle; Bridget Granse, West Navarre Primary; Angela Gray, Russell Elementary; Stacy Grice, Sims Middle; Cecelia Griffin, West Navarre Intermediate; Karen Harrod, Central; Jennifer Ensley, Woodlawn Beach Middle; Keith Hines, Locklin Technical Center; Kateri Holcomb, Dixon Intermediate; Lindsay Holladay, Avalon Middle; Christie Holland, Rhodes Elementary; Theresa Holley,  Pea Ridge Elementary; Kiersten Huggins, Holley Navarre Middle; Jolie Hullett, Locklin Technical Center; Paula Jones, Avalon Middle; Donna Jordan, Sims Middle; Susan Julio, West Navarre Primary; Elizabeth King, Avalon Middle; Marilyn Koch, Holley Navarre Middle; Erica Leeds, Gulf Breeze Elementary; Beth Lees, Russell Elementary; Tiffany Lindsey, Holley Navarre Primary; Daphne Luchsinger, Oriole Beach Elementary; Cindy Lynch, Pea Ridge Elementary; Terri Lyons, Gulf Breeze Elementary; Elizabeth Mann, Oriole Beach Elementary; Shelley Mann, Gulf Breeze Elementary; Susan Martin, Dixon Elementary; Kimberly McCullough, Gulf Breeze Elementary; Amelia McCurdy, Avalon Middle; Vickie McMaster, West Navarre Intermediate; Pete Mehaffy, West Navarre Intermediate; Daphne Mitchell, Rhodes Elementary; Krista Mitchell, Rhodes Elementary; Virginia Mitchell & Jacqueline Wiscaver, Hobbs Middle; Kathryn Moore, Holley Navarre Middle; Erin Munn, SITE Program; Corinna Nelson, West Navarre Intermediate; Stacey Oatman, West Navarre Intermediate; Diane Parker, Pea Ridge Elementary; Amanda Pattullo, Russell Elementary; Tally Piscopo, Dixon Intermediate; Donna Puckett, Dixon Primary; Christopher Raggard, Avalon Middle; Shirley Raney, Jay Elementary; Paula Retzlaff, Chumuckla Elementary; Melissa Richburg, Dixon Intermediate; Mike Rodgerson, Gulf Breeze Elementary; Kristie Rodriquez, Dixon Intermediate; Angel Savage, West Navarre Primary; Rebecca Schmuck, Holley Navarre Primary; Joshua Simmons, Russell Elementary; Cynthia Simpson, Rhodes Elementary; Jenna Smith, Rhodes Elementary; Sharon Stewart, West Navarre Intermediate; Susan Still, Russell Elementary; Sandy Teston, West Navarre Intermediate; Ginger Tober, Holley Navarre Primary; Patti Triplett, Russell Elementary; Jennifer Ueberroth, Milton High; Marianne Vance, Holley Navarre Primary; Chloe` Vignes, Gulf Breeze Elementary; Sally Wales, Milton High; Donna Walker, Russell Elementary; Jo Lynn Wiley, Milton High; Laura Wiley, Pea Ridge Elementary; Melanie Williams, Russell Elementary; Angi Willis, Milton High; Amy Woodcock, West Navarre Primary; Gretchen Yarborough, Holley Navarre Primary; Vicki Yelder, Milton High.


To view a list of grant project titles and find information about sponsorship opportunities to support education, please visit


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