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The Fiscal Cliff

The Fiscal Cliff

We elected a majority of conservatives in the House of Representatives in 2010 for the exact purpose of preventing our Nation from falling off the “fiscal cliff”.  The Tea Party Candidates who won their respective seats, did so on the basis of not raising the debt ceiling.   The focus of The People was very strongly on stopping what has been accomplished despite all our efforts.

It seems many people have no idea what this “fiscal cliff” really means, and for that reason, they are willing to allow us to go forward as we have, seeing no problem.  They have no idea what will take place when we reach that “cliff” and with our forward momentum, plunge right over it.  They don’t know the “cliff” is the intersection of our amount of debt we owe, and it surpassing our total gross income, meaning we can’t pay the debt, we don’t have the means.

We have a great debt we have borrowed during times when our dollar has been in high demand and considered strong and sound.  Each and every day, revenue flows into government from tax receipts and other places, and the interest on all of that debt must be paid, as it comes due, day to day.  While some debt is purchased en masse, most is incremental, and thus its dividends must be paid per standard, and by this, monies are due each and every day.

We are told constantly as we approach the debt ceiling, failing to deal with it means a horrible thing happening, but what it is won’t be discussed, we aren’t apprised of it, the use of it is to scare us, not teach.

The truth is, this cliff can be reached many ways, and not only one.  Government continues to borrow money, spending seventy cents for every fifty cents of revenue.  This makes the debt grow, cost of servicing it, paying the interest, paying off that which has come due, greater.  What is almost never considered is the fact we can also approach this cliff other ways, and these are ways determined by government action, but which it denies while they lie through their teeth.

At the same time we go further into debt, we can also cease to be as productive as we used to, and in fact, this is almost an assured outcome, as capital which should be invested in business, is wasted on non-productive government.  While we watch the man in the president suit spend a trillion dollars more than revenue each of the past four years, we have also seen our economy contract, precisely because the government does not capitalize with revenue, but turns it over to those who take without earning, and thus remove capital from the pool of investment.

Even without our debt growing, this waste of capital draws us ever closer to the “fiscal cliff”, just as being tired of working hard, and taking an easier job at lesser pay can make paying the mortgage harder, and continuing to do so, eventually means taking a job where earnings are less than the bills.  The house payment didn’t rise, the other bills remained the same, but now you don’t earn enough to pay them all, and one by one, you lose all the little things, and then you fail to pay the mortgage.

The members of the house are going to argue over the “debt ceiling”, but they will do so ,solely from the perspective of the rising debt.  They will refuse to allow the discussion to entail the substantial reduction in productivity we have had deliberately visited upon us, by the man in the president suit, and the communists he works for and with as our “central government”.

We are just as likely to meet that “cliff edge” because of our dropping in production as a Nation, and not being able to meet obligations, as we are to reach it because of increased debt.  The truth is, these two factors together will mean it will be a shock to those looking for its coming, when we hit.  At that point, all we get to do is “enjoy the ride”.  This might be something we should put real pressure on our representatives, regarding.   It’s a lot more likely to lose one’s house for lack of earnings than for a rising mortgage payment cost.

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