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Coon Hill Cemetery

Coon Hill Cemetery dates back to the Civil War Era.  I have many memories of picnics at the cemetery with my grandparents, Mattie and Curtis Brown, and my sisters.  I remember sitting under the trees, eating potted meat and crackers,  listening to my grandfather tell stories of the soldiers buried there.  He shared stories about the ferry that crossed the Escambia River. This was the beginning of my obsession with all things old.  Many may not understand my fascination with cemeteries.  As I wonder through the tombstones, and read the inscriptions I wonder about the life these resting here have lived.

The beautiful sculptures and tombstones are sacred to many.  This cemetery has been the victim of vandalism for several years. It saddens me to think that instead of honoring these memorials , they are being desecrated.  Share your memories and thoughts with us.

Headstones were knocked over and some broken at Coon Hill Cemetery in the time frame from Thursday – Oct 4th until Tuesday Oct 9th

 Santa Rosa Crime Scene Investigators were on hand Tuesday taking pictures of the damage as well as pictures of some very distinct shoe prints.  The culprits walked for more than a mile from the paved road to reach the cemetery.

 Please contact the Santa Rosa Sheriff’s office if you have any information concerning this destruction.

 If you would like to contribute to the cost of the tombstone repairs and the general maintenance of the cemetery, please mail your checks to Escambia County Bank, P O Box 601, Flomaton, Ala 36441.

Recently, my husband and I, trekked into the cemetery.  A three mile hike round trip to view the cemetery.  Below is just one of the sweet inscriptions and a photo gallery before the latest destruction.  A second gallery of the vandalism.

Sleep  on sweet babe,  And take thy rest,  God called thee home,  He thought it best

Coon Hill
Coon Hill Vandalized
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