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Chiefs win over Royals

The Royals started the game well and looked like they came to play against the Northview Chiefs Friday night but that only lasted until midway in the 2nd quarter.  The Royals  received the opening kickoff and Ricky Cofield had a 20 yard return.  Jay was able to move the ball on the ground and in the air on their first drive taking  just  6 plays to put the ball in the endzone.  Quarterback for the Royals, Tate Upton, found Hunter Dillashaw  open and he scored on a pass from  38 yards out.

The Royals were able to stop the Chiefs on their first drive.  Key in the stop was Dylan Sims, playing strong intelligent football, he created a sack on second down, and then batted down a pass on  third down forcing the Chiefs to punt.  Jay’s second drive stalled.  As the Chiefs started the next drive they were able to score aided in part by some Jay penalties.  LaMikal Kyles, running back for Northview, made the touchdown on a long run.

Jay was able to take advantage of a Chief fumble that went out of bounds in the endzone and a touchback  was the result.  Jay got the ball on the 20 yard line. The Royals   drove the ball down the field,  with several rushing plays utilizing the ability of Coffield.  They had a big 3rd down conversion when, Upton passed the ball to Dillashaw for a 12 yard gain and the first down.  Dillashaw stayed in bounds on the catch and kept the drive alive.  It was a thing of beauty barely putting his foot inside the line. Hunter is a possession reciever with excellent hands.

Next  the Royals had three incomplete passes but Northview was penalized on the third down for roughing the passer giving Jay another much needed first down.  Then on the Chiefs 35 yard line, with  2nd and 11 yards to go, Upton threw his second touchdown pass, when he found wide open, Ashton Dennington. Dennington broke two tackles on his way to the endzone.  14-7 Jay with 5:43 left in the first half.

At this point the wheels fell off for the Royals and the Chiefs took over the game an never looked back, Neino Robinson took a short kick all the way to the endzone it was a game-altering play.  Tied 14-14 .  Jay quickly went 3 and out and punted and Northview answered with another touchdown on the first play.  21-14 Chiefs. The Chiefs scored again with 30 seconds left. Three touchdowns in 5 minutes  At half time the score was 28-14.

The Chiefs were unstoppable in the second half, led by the rushing of Sophomore, LaDarius Thomas.  The game ended with a score of 62-14. The Royals will host Cottondale, Friday, Oct.12 for Homecoming.

Jay vs. Northview 2012
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