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Jay Loses to Sneads in a Close One at Home

Jay loses to Sneads in a close one at home

Jay and Sneads always play each other close and this game was no exception.  Jay started the game on defense and quickly ended Sneads’ first drive.

Sneads has eight men in the box so Jay came out passing in the first quarter, but could not get a completion on their first three drives.  With 8:56 left in the first Sneads started their next possession on their own 42 yard line.  A big tackle by #57, Dylan Sims, helped end Sneads second drive.

The Pirates scored first with 2:27 in the 1st quarter and came close to scoring again at the start of the second, but Jay held them off deep in Royal territory.  Starting on their 9 yard line, Jay could not get out of the hole and was forced to punt. Sneads took over on their own 43. At this point, down 7, Jay needed a turnover and that is just what they got.

The Pirates fumbled and Ricky Cofield recovered. Jay’s running game was going nowhere, but two big passes from Upton to #2 Ashton Dennington gave the Royals a score and tied the game up at 7 with 3:29 left in the second. A good defensive stand by the Royals and a sack, compliments of Cofield, kept the game tied going into the half.

Coming out in their spread formation Jay scored on the second play from scrimmage with an Upton to Dilashaw combination good for 64 yards.  Sneads answered quickly scoring in two plays as well, but failed to complete the extra point to tie the game. With 6:39 in the 3rd quarter it was 3rd and goal when Sims did it again, sacking Sneads in the backfield for a 6 yard loss. Sneads missed a field goal on 4th down and Jay took over again.

In the 4th quarter, Sneads scored on a long 75-yard run. They went for the two-point conversion, but failed making the score 19 to 14 with 10:42 left on the clock.  Getting nowhere on their next possession Jay gave the ball to Sneads and did not get it back until 2:32 on the clock.

Looking to pass they could not convert and Sneads took over again with 1:47 left.  Jay needed another turnover and they made it happen again. Forcing a fumble and giving Jay a second life.

Capitalizing on this mistake the Royals drove the ball down the field to the 17 yard line with only 7 seconds left. Knowing they had to take a shot for the endzone Upton kept the play alive by scrambling to his right. Then, throwing across his body he almost found an open receiver for the win, but the ball fell short. It was a great effort and a great play.

Keep your chins up Royals. We’re proud of ya’ll.

Jay vs Sneads 2012
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