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Continue Educational Excellence with Wyrosdick August 14

Continue Educational Excellence with Wyrosdick August 14

As a retired educator and grandparent of students in Santa Rosa School District, I am very concerned about an election that will take place on August 14, 2012.  We will be electing our school superintendent for the next four years.  Some people still think that this election will be held in November!  Because we have two Republican candidates, our choice will be made on Aug. 14.  The choice we make will affect thousands of students.

One choice is Tim Wyrosdick, a proven leader who has helped Santa Rosa County students remain at the very top in Florida.  He stepped in to this position in the very worst of budgetary times and has had to make some very tough decisions.  But he has made the decisions that had to be made while keeping our county on track.

The other candidate is an unknown who is promising many things to many people.  Recently, teachers received a letter encouraging them to vote for him and stated that administrators made too much money in SRC.  Within two days, some administrators received a letter from this candidate promising administrator raises if he is elected.  What is his true opinion?  If you have listened to his speeches at political rallies, you have heard him express his plans to change all kinds of things in the county—many which are mandated by state statue.  I’m concerned that he doesn’t seem to know what a superintendent can and can’t do.  While he has experience in college administration, he doesn’t seem to have stayed too long at any one job–except for the last twelve years teaching math at local high schools.  I am not sure how any of this experience prepares him to lead a county’s educational system from Pre-Kindergarten through High School.

Our choice on August 14 is clear—a candidate with proven success versus an unknown.   For the education of my grandchildren and all the children in SRC, I support Tim Wyrosdick.  Please consider the consequences of your vote.

Joy B. Rowell

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