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Brother and Sister Get Two Trips to Jail

Brother and Sister Get Two Trips to Jail
Pensacola, Fla- Just minutes after being released from jail on Wednesday, a brother and sister are re-booked for another stay at the Escambia County Jail. Johnnie and Jennie Kennie were released from the Escambia County Jail on Wednesday, but were arrested and re-booked into the jail less than 30 minutes later.
On Wednesday, Johnnie and Jennie Kennie were attending the murder trial for Daniel Ward when Johnnie Kennie started to cause a disturbance inside the courtroom where the trial was taking place. Court Security Officers asked Johnnie Kennie to leave, but Kennie became belligerent and started using profane language throughout the Courthouse. Despite the multiple warnings, Kennie continued and tried to flee the area
when deputies tried to arrest him.
While deputies were arresting Johnnie Kennie, Jennie Kennie started yelling at the deputies to “get off her brother”. Jennie Kennie was asked to not interfere, but when she continued, she was also placed arrested and the duo was taken to the Escambia County Jail, where they were book on charges of Disturbing the Peace and Resisting an Officer without Violence. They were released two hours later after posting bond. After exiting the jail, Johnnie Kennie started to cause a second disturbance in the Central Booking and Detention Center lobby. Kennie was upset that the jail kept $50 that he had on him when he was booked. Jail staff explained to Kennie that he owed the jail $200 from his previous stay and the $50 was put toward his debt.
Not satisfied with this response, Johnnie Kennie, Jennie Kennie and Carri Clements preceded to cause a disturbance in the lobby. When officers responded, Johnnie Kennie tried to run across the street, but his shoes and pants restricted his movement and he fell face first into the middle of the street. When deputies went after Johnnie Kennie, Jennie Kennie attempted to clothesline one of the deputies while Carri Clements jumped on the same deputy’s back. All 3 were charged with Disturbing the Peace and Resisting an Officer without Violence and re-booked into the Escambia County Jail.

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  1. Danny Hall

    I Want My Fifty Dollars Back & I Mean NOW ! OK , See If I Come Back To Your Jail Again dah …

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