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Public Swimming Pools Regulation Changes

Public Swimming Pools Regulation Changes
On April 27, House Bill 1263 went into effect upon signing by Governor Rick Scott. HB1263 reorganized the Department of Health and transferred authority over public swimming pools and bathing places to local building departments. Some of the changes include:
• The Department of Health is now responsible for only setting the standards for sanitation and safety for public
swimming pools and public bathing places.
• The County Health Department is now only responsible for routine surveillance of water quality in public swimming pools and bathing places, routing inspections, complaint investigations and enforcement procedures. The number of routine inspections is no longer mandated.
• The Department of Health or County Health Department will no longer perform a construction plans review of public swimming pools. This responsibility has been shifted to the local building officials. This includes all inspections that might have been performed previously by DOH/CHD staff. It is now the responsibility of local
building officials to ensure compliance with the Florida Building Code, Chapter 4, Section 424, in it’s entirety.

Where do I submit my commercial swimming pool plans?
In Santa Rosa County, plans should be submitted at one of our local Development Service Center offices. Santa Rosa County will provide public swimming pool plan review and inspection services for the entire county including the cities of Milton, Gulf Breeze and Town of Jay.

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