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Securing Retirement Income

You’ve worked hard to save for retirement but how can you protect your income?

Fixed annuities can help keep your assets in a safe environment.  There are different types of fixed annuities and you must understand the basics before you make a decision.  And how do you know what annuity is best for you?

We suggest that you work with an independent agent who can show you more than one solution. Work with someone to help you decide which is best in your situation. For instance one fixed annuity may pay 5% for five years . Another fixed annuity may pay 6% in year one and then 3% for the remaining four years.  Some people hear 6% and think that is the best choice.  But if you do the figures you will see that is  the first fixed annuity is probably much better.

Another insurance product is the fixed indexed annuity.  These are not miracle products; they are simply a solution for those who want safety with a potential for those who want safety with a potential for decent returns.

Two features of fixed indexed annuities that keep people the happiest in challenging times are:

  • Retirement savings are at the very least maintained rather than losing value
  • Provision of income you cannot outlive.

We call these features your “sleep-ability” factor!

If you are at a stage where you don’t want to take risk anymore, see someone who will take the time to educate you about your choices, not just sell you a product you do not understand.  It is easy to sell an insurance product; it is difficult to match a need to a solution.  I will show you the differences in products and let you make a decision based on your knowledge.  Call me for a free consultation.

  • This column was written By Annalee Leonard.  In 2009, Annalee was accepted into the nation’s most exclusive group of financial advisors — Ed Slott’s Elite IRA Advisor Group™.  As a Master Elite IRA Advisor, Annalee is dedicated to solving the country’s biggest and most complex financial problem — effectively managing the distribution of assets from Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs). Annalee is the host of her own radio show “Winning with Annalee”.  The show airs on Tuesday mornings from 10 to 11 on News Radio Pensacola 1620.  If you are nearing retirement and want more information on our classes being offered at Pensacola State College in Century or Pensacola please let us know. You can visit our web page at or .  Please also see us on facebook and you tube.  Our phone number is 850- 437- 3127 in Pensacola or 251-607-7070 in the Mobile and surrounding Baldwin County area.
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