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Fireworks Safety & Displays

Fireworks Safety & Displays
Santa Rosa County urges everyone to use caution and common sense when using fireworks over the Fourth of July holidays.

Fireworks, while fun, can also be very dangerous. Residents are reminded that the only legal firework products allowed in the State of Florida should bear the wording “emits a fountain or shower of sparks.” Aerial devices are prohibited. A good rule of thumb is if it flies or explodes, it is not legal in Florida.

The safest way to enjoy fireworks with your family is to participate in one of the public fireworks displays offered throughout Santa Rosa County. Local displays include:
• Southern Motorsports, Saturday, June 30 at approximately 9 p.m.
• Santa Rosa County TDC Display, Wednesday, July 4; the fireworks will originate from sound side
Navarre Beach Park at dusk and will be visible from many sound and gulf side locations.
• Town of Jay, Wednesday, July 4, at the Bray-Hendrix Park, 5213 Booker Lane at dusk.
• Riverfest, Wednesday, July 4, Downtown Milton at dark over the Blackwater River.

Fireworks Safety Tips

Before you start:

–          Adhere to all county and city fireworks laws. If fireworks are not legal where you live, do not use them.

–          Clear a designated area free of dry vegetation where fireworks will be ignited.

–          Remove all debris from roofs and decks where fireworks could land.

–          Always have a water source available (water hose or bucket).

While you celebrate:

–          Children should not be allowed to light fireworks.

–          Spectators should keep a safe distance from the firework ignition location.

–          Anyone igniting fireworks should wear protective eyewear (i.e. glasses, sunglasses, goggles, etc).

–          Aim fireworks away from people, homes and wooded areas.

–          Duds can be dangerous; if a device does not light or fire, an adult should wait at least 20 minutes, approach it carefully, and place it in a bucket of water.

–          Do not try to alter or combine fireworks.

–          Never use homemade fireworks and/or illegal explosives.

 After you finish:

–          Make sure fireworks are cold before handling and discard used fireworks into a bucket of water.

–          Clean up all debris.

Be sure all unused fireworks, matches and lighters are out of the sight and reach of children

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