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Congressman Jeff Miller’s Statement on Supreme Court Decision

Congressman Jeff Miller’s Statement on Supreme Court Decision

“The Supreme Court’s ruling to uphold the individual mandate in Obamacare is a monumental obstruction of personal freedom and liberty.   It is a tragedy for patients and health professionals across the nation and a major setback for our free-market system.

The Court reaffirmed in its decision what the Administration vehemently denied during the debate of the bill – that Obamacare is a massive tax increase on the American people, parading as reform.  The President’s health care law does nothing to reduce the cost of care for working American families and only puts our nation further in debt.

Now that the Supreme Court has rendered its decision, we will explore every legislative option to repeal and replace this flawed law, putting families and their doctors in charge of medical decisions instead of Washington bureaucrats.

We need to focus on reducing the cost of the delivery of care, not simply masking it.  Reducing the cost of care will help those who are involuntarily uninsured because they cannot afford health insurance.

The American people deserve better than this, and I will continue work to replace this tax increase with real reform.”

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  1. Vic Campbell

    I agree Jeff – BUT – I think the court essentially said that if the CONGRESS is dumb enough to vote this in as a TAX then it is the fault of the people to VOTE such a dumb congress into office. I really think the Court just said – if the people are willing to be taxed to death – then the people rule. The opposite also applies. If the people will vote in a congress to support liberty then the people rule. I think the Supreme Court just got a lot of people’s attention on how they want to rule. Thanks for your good work and for being on the right side of this. I support efforts to address health care reforms but THIS was not about health-care – it was about supporting crony capitalism, monopolies, and massive expansion of government. The sucker that voted for it have no clue how much damage this bill can do to the poor and under-served in our country. We have a problematic health care system now – but this just made it a whole LOT worse.

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