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Blackwater Bones’ Lost Treasure Hunt New Clues

The 2012 Blackwater Bones’ Lost Treasure Hunt is underway in Downtown Milton.  You can get a map and instructions on The hunt is a part of the annual Riverwalk Festival.  Clues are published daily until June 30th at 4:30 pm on the Santa Rosa Press Gazette’s website.  The Hunt is sponsored by  Riverfest, Santa Rosa County Chamber of Commerce, Santa Rosa Press Gazette, Adventures Unlimited, and Santa Rosa Historical Society.
Preliminary Clue
Find ye a map mate, b’fore ye go look,
Belay by th’ chamber, or visit me on facebook.
Blimey! Here’s ye a hint t’ findin’ me bounty.
Read “Images o’ America: Santa Rosa County”.
Clue 1
Search through th’ book, an’ find Company K
Seek a spot ‘cross th’ street, from where they waited that day.
If ye stand like th’ bucko, who took th’ photo o’ them all,
Th’ key will be behind ye, fadin’ on a brick wall.
Clue 2
Lower th’ anchor, raise th’ colors aloft th’ mast,
Pedal ashore th’ River, t’ see veterans o’ centuries past.
Aft walk’n th’ planks, there’s a place ye should go,
T’ fetch a drink wi’ your foot, an’ see th’ key beside “O”.
Clue 3
Aft a drink at th’ fount’n, cross the bridge mate
Spy th’ flag o’ th’ Fleet, an’ their plaque from ’88
Wi protection an’ services, th’ key does nay hide
It’s float’n above an anchor, found within three sides
Clue 4

Begin where th’ Judge’s house set near th’ corner.

Travel east o’ Brewton Road, t’ th’ area by th’ Blackwater.

Seek out th’ woodworker’s marker, by th’ Highway it stands.

Th’ key names th’ estate, that donated th’ common land.

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