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Physical Therapy Services Growing at Baptist Medical Park – Navarre

Baptist Medical Park – Navarre is pleased to announce the completion of its Andrews Institute Rehabilitation department expansion. The expansion nearly doubles the department’s size and adds new services for patients who need physical rehabilitation after injury or surgery. 

The nearly $100,000 expansion added more than 1,200 square feet, new exercise equipment and new physical rehabilitation services to complement the already extensive program. 

New equipment in the department includes: 
·        A machine for strengthening hamstrings and quad muscles
·        An abdominal/lower back weight stack machine for building core strength
·        A lat pull-down machine for building back strength
·        A seated chest press machine to build chest and tricep strength
·        An elliptical machine and a Stairmaster machine for working on cardio
·        An upright stationary bike for working on leg strength and conditioning
·        An upper body ergometer to work on arm strengthening and conditioning and shoulder range of motion
·        Ultrasound/electrical stimulation machine to help control pain, swelling, increase circulation and increase range of motion

Robert Girandola, physical therapy manager, said the expansion includes the addition of vestibular rehab, a form of physical therapy to help people with inner ear disorders improve overall balance, mobility and coordination.

Andrews Institute Rehabilitation at Baptist Medical Park – Navarre serves patients recovering from a wide variety of conditions a – including orthopaedic post-operative recovery, neurological disorders, general deconditioning and weakness, and gait/walking disorders. “The additional space and new services will help our expert team provide more comprehensive care to our patients,” Girandola said. 

To learn more about the services at Andrews Institute Rehabilitation at Baptist Medical Park – Navarre, call 850.939.1017 or  

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