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Man Arrested for Stealing Fuel Using Illegal Device

Suspect Arrested for Stealing Fuel by Using Illegal Device


On 6/5/12, at approximately 1100 hours, Deputies were dispatched to the Exxon Fuel Express located at8551 Keshav Taylor Drive,Milton, in reference to a theft of fuel by someone using a device to conceal the amount from the clerk.   The store owner told deputies that the suspect, Elian Laguna, pulled his Ford F-350 Super Duty Pickup truck up to a diesel pump in the rear parking area of the store.  The owner noticed that the pump was staying at $.45 and not registering any other amount, and the suspect was still holding on to the fuel nozzle trigger.  The owner stated that this occurred for approximately 8 minutes.  The owner then went outside to speak with the suspect.  The owner noticed that the digital counter on the pump was not moving, and there was fuel pumping through the nozzle into the truck.  The owner noticed a device at the base of the pump which was connected to the pump wiring.  The owner was familiar with the device, due to a similar incident occurring in the past at his store.   The owner called law enforcement and deputies arrived while the fuel was still pumping.  The device found is used to disconnect the pump from the store register, allowing fuel to flow without the clerk’s knowledge of the amount obtained. The lower access panel of the pump had been pried open in order to attach the device.  Laguna told deputies that the device was present when he arrived at the pump, and he denied stealing gas.  Upon searching Laguna’s truck, another device was located inside that is used for the same purpose.  Laguna was also towing a large boat.  Inside the boat, deputies located a portable fuel pump motor with a nozzle attachment which is used to siphon fuel from a fuel tank.  These pumps are commonly used by thieves to steal fuel from large trucks at rest areas or truck stops.  Deputies verified that the device connected to the fuel pump allowed the pump to flow at a normal rate while not showing any reading on the digital pump display.  Laguna was arrested for use of an anti-shoplifting control device countermeasure and Criminal Mischief. He was transported to the Santa Rosa County Jail. He is being held on a $8000.00 bond. Laguna’s truck and boat were seized by the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office due to them being used in the commission of a felony.

Suspect: Elian Laguna, H/M, 38 years old, 5300 block of 22nd Lane,Hialeah,FL

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