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FCAT Results Show Students Exceed Expectations

Florida’s students continue to exceed expectations on the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test (FCAT 2.0). Today’s results for FCAT 2.0 Reading and Mathematics show that students did better than expected overall when measured on more demanding standards. The 2011-12 school year is the first time that new Achievement Levels are in place for FCAT 2.0 Reading and Mathematics.

“Florida is leading the nation by preparing our children for more challenging Common Core Standards and assessments. I applaud our students and teachers for their inspired efforts,” said Education Commissioner Gerard Robinson. “Our state has spent more than a decade reforming public education and we know that sound transition takes time and patience. Florida’s children will compete for the jobs of tomorrow and we must do everything possible to ensure that they are ready. We cannot be fearful of change and the ambitious goals set before us. We will meet them together and I am confident that our students are on the path to success.”

In both reading and mathematics, students performed better than expected based on applying the new higher standards to 2011 performance data. Results for 2012 FCAT 2.0 Reading show that 59 percent of students in grades four through eight are performing at Achievement Level 3 and above (compared to 57 percent in 2011*). In FCAT 2.0 Mathematics, 2012 results show that 57 percent of students in grades four through eight are performing at Achievement Level 3 and above (compared to 56 percent in 2011*).

Results for 2012 FCAT 2.0 Science for grades five and eight were also released today. These results show that 51 percent of students in grade five performing at or above Achievement Level 3, and 46 percent in grade eight. Results for 2012 FCAT 2.0 Science are reported as FCAT Equivalent Scores. This means that student scores were measured using the existing FCAT Achievement Level scoring table. Scores on the new FCAT 2.0 Science achievement scale will be available beginning in 2013.

While the state does not base grade promotion or student progression decisions on the FCAT 2.0 results released today, individual districts may have progression policies tied to the scores. As a valuable indicator of student achievement, FCAT 2.0 scores give parents and educators the ability to make informed educational decisions.

In December 2011, the State Board of Education reviewed data showing the impact of new achievement levels on students and schools. Based on the data and feedback from educators, parents, and community members, the State Board raised the expectations for Florida’s students and set new achievement levels for FCAT 2.0. To view information about the new achievement levels for FCAT 2.0 Reading and Mathematics, visit (PDF).

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