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Simple Steps Across America to Prevent Cancer

A man currently” Walking Across America”, from Washington State to Washington, DC, has reached Berrydale and will be hosted this evening by the Berrydale Volunteer Fire Department Tuesday, May 29, 2012.
George Throop has walked 3,600 miles, from his home in Washington State, down through Oregon and California, then all the way across the southern United States to Florida. Throop will continue walking till he reaches Washington, DC.  He takes these simple steps to bring awareness that we can reduce our risk for cancer by the lifestyle we live.

George began his journey on September 20, 2009 just 2 days before his 34th birthday.  This was a special time for him as his mom, Barbara, lost her battle to cancer just 2 days before her 34th birthday.  George was 9 years old at the time. He learned that most types of cancer are preventable.  He believes that your lifestyle can reduce the risk of getting cancer.  George walks to inspire people to take simple steps forward and reduce their risk of getting cancer. He has three simple steps he promotes:

1. Drink Lots of Water

2. Eat Healthy Foods

3. Walk Daily (hopefully 20 minutes)

George has walked as many as 35 miles in one day (from Sierra Blanca to Van Horn, TX).  He stays focused on his goal of reaching Washington, DC and not the daily miles.  He pushes a cart loaded down with supplies and clothing weighing around 150 lbs.  He started out backpacking but during long stretches of highway he needed to be able to carry plenty of water.  He usually stays on state roads, they offer more protection for him and for the drivers.  He is careful to wear a safety vest with reflectors.

George, a vegetarian, by design credits his favorite author, Micheal Pollan, and his book “Food Rules” with the basic steps to empower you to change your lifestyle.

George has had many join him in his walk, some walk with him for hundreds of miles and other just walk for a day.  He welcomes them to share in his journey.  George has met many wonderful Road Angels during this journey.  On Monday he encounter some in our area, Jay and Joann Arthur hosted him and on Tuesday, the Volunteers at Berrydale Fire Department hosted him.  Both Chief Jim Cagle and Captain Gene Ellis spent time getting to know this young man and learning about his remarkable story.

George says, he has been very fortunate to be hosted 95 % of the time.  He has missed softball size hail by just 3 miles.  Texas weather has been the most turbulent so far in his journey, although the high temperatures here in the south are hard on him also.

George Throop

Check out the whole story and follow George’s journey at   also,  he can be contacted throug E-mail:

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