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JHS Senior Awards

Jay High Class of 2012 Senior Scholarships and Awards

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JHS Senior Awards

PenAir Credit Union Scholarship– Maranda Wise

PSC Principal’s Scholarship– Rebecca Calloway

PSC Multi cultural Academic Excellence– Quinten Garcia

Theresa Gail may Memorial Scholarship– Lauren Diamond

PSC and UF  2+2 scholarship– Cody English & Tim Holloway

Pensacola Sports Association Scholar Athlete- Caristyn Golden & Allison Blair

PSC Softball scholarship– Rebecca Calloway

PSC Cheerleading scholarship– Crystal Brown & Tori Reid

Locklin Technical Center Principal’s Scholarship– Keith Lisonbee

Bennett C. & Kathy Russell Memorial Scholarship- Tessa Hendricks & Maranda Wise

UWF– Cody EnglishSawyer Hudson, Caristyn Golden, Meredith Owens, Lauren  Diamond, & Haley Mulford

Troy University Chancellor scholarship – Caristyn Golden

University of Alabama Minnie Hayes Rast Undergraduate Initiative Scholarship- Tessa Hendricks

University of Alabama Scholar Scholarship– Tessa Hendricks

University of Alabama Presidential– Meredith Owens

Keith Rowland Memorial– Tyler Prescott

Santa Rosa Medical Center Auxiliary- Meaghan Paul, Keith Lisonbee & Tori Reid

Santa Rosa Medical Center Women’s Advisory Council– Haley Mulford

Jay Hospital Employee Foundation Scholarship– Allison Blair, Rebecca Calloway & Meredith Owens

Solon Gandy Memorial Scholarship- Tessa Hendricks

Martha Hendricks Leadership– Zach Covert

Santa Rosa Professional Educators Scholarship– Tessa Hendricks

Nikki Findley Hagler Memorial– Sawyer Hudson & Tessa Hendricks

FRIENDS Scholarship- Sara Stokes

Marine Distinguished Athlete- Tessa Hendricks & Sawyer Hudson

Marine Scholastic Excellence Award– Tessa Hendricks

Semper Fidelis Award for Musical Excellence– Noah McCarthy

U.S. Air Force Math Excellence Award– Tessa Hendricks

U.S. Air Force Science Excellence Award– Meredith Owens

EREC Herman D. Johnson Scholarship-Travis Prescott

Bubba Drinkard Scholarship- Connor Weekes

Tri-City Rotary Club– Joseph Lambeth

WEAR/Fischer Brown High School Heroes Scholarship– Sawyer Hudson

University of South Alabama Presidential – Tessa Hendricks

Huntingdon College/ Mary Elizabeth Stallworth Scholarship & Baseball scholarship– Tyler Prescott, Todd Laney

University of Southern Mississippi Regional Scholarship & Academic Excellence Scholarship– Travis Prescott

William Carey University Music Award Scholarship– Allison Blair

Taylor Haugen Trophy finalist– Sawyer Hudson

J.B. Dobson Memorial-  Haden McCaskill

Prudential Spirit of Community Honoree– Sawyer Hudson

Thelma Bryan Memorial Scholarship– Morgan Lewis

Wendy’s Heisman School Winner– Sawyer Hudson

Florida State University Freshman scholarship– Maranda Wise

United Daughters of the Confederacy– Meredith Owens

D.A.R. Good Citizenship Award– Caristyn Golden

Better Business Bureau Foundation– Maranda Wise

Gulf Coast Color Guard & Percussion Circuit– Cara Cassady

Bright House Networks – Maranda Wise

Nashville Auto-Diesel College– Logan Brown

John E. Frenkel, Sr. Educational Grant-  Lauren Diamond, Cody

English, Caristyn Golden, Tessa Hendricks, Sawyer Hudson, Haley Mulford, Meredith Owens, Travis Prescott, Tyler Prescott

Pending  completion of requirements :

FL Academic Scholarship (3.5 GPA & 28 + ACT) – Caristyn Golden,

Tessa Hendricks, Sawyer Hudson,  Michael Kelley, Meredith Owens & Maranda Wise

FL Medallion Scholarship(3.0 GPA & 21 +ACT) – Hannah Barnes, Crystal Brown, Rebecca Calloway, Lauren Diamond, Cody English, Cody Girardeau, Sammy  James, Joseph Lambeth,  Todd  Laney,  Morgan Lewis, Keith Lisonbee, Haden McCaskill, Haley Mulford, Travis Prescott, Tyler Prescott, Abby Raney, Connor Weekes & Taylor Young

FL Gold Seal (3.0  GPA )-Allison Blair & Tori Reid

Academic A Team-  Highest GPA + ACT

English: Maranda Wise & Meredith Owens Alternate: Tessa Hendricks; Math: Tessa Hendricks & Sawyer Hudson  Alternate: Meredith Owens; Science: Meredith Owens & Maranda Wise  Alternate: Sawyer Hudson; Social Studies: Maranda Wise & Meredith Owens  Alternate: Sawyer Hudson

President’s Volunteer Award  Bronze (100-174 hrs): Cara Cassady, Haden McCaskill, Haley Mulford, Mariah Rohr, Samuel James, Shelbie Barnhill, Timothy Holloway, Tristen Shelton

Silver (175-249 hrs ):Allison Blair, Caristyn Golden, Hannah Barnes, Lauren Diamond,Megan McGee, Sarah Weaver, Tori Reid, Tristan Pengenika

Gold (250+ hrs.):Aaron Jacobs, Cody Girardeau, Crystal Brown, Dallas Belanger, Jack White, Keith Lisonbee, Maranda Wise, Meaghan Paul, Meredith Owens, Ashten Epps, Morgan Lewis, Quinten Garcia, Rebecca Calloway, Abby Raney, Sara Stokes, Sawyer Hudson, Tessa Hendricks, Todd Laney, Travis Prescott, Tyler Prescott, Zachariah Covert

Subject Area Awards

Agriculture- Tyler Prescott; Art- Taylor Young; Computer Art- Colton Sims; Band-  Noah McCarthy; Business- Sara Stokes; Culinary Arts-  Ashten Epps;

Instructional Television- Todd Laney; English- Sawyer Hudson; Mathematics- Meredith Owens; SRCCTM Outstanding Math Scholar- Tessa Hendricks;

Physical Education- Joseph Lambeth; Social Studies- Maranda Wise; Science- Meredith Owens; Spanish- Taylor Young; Student Government- Zach Covert;

Yearbook– Tessa Hendricks

HOSA awards- Dallas Belanger, Shelbie Barnhill, Allison Blair, Crystal Brown, Leah Finney,  & Quinten Garcia

Academy Industry Certification Awards – Health Science Academy CMAA certified-Allison Blair, Crystal Brown, & Leah Finney Adobe

Commercial Arts Academy Certified Associate- Cody English, Cody Girardeau, Morgan Lewis, Sarah Weaver, Maranda Wise

Royal Elite  Award– Tessa Hendricks, Meredith Owens, & Maranda Wise

Royal Excellence Award- Tessa Hendricks

Mr. & Miss Citizenship- Caristyn Golden & Sawyer Hudson

Honor Students- Meredith Owens, Caristyn Golden, Sawyer Hudson, Rebecca Calloway, Cody English, Haley Mulford, Samuel James, & Lauren Diamond

Salutatorian– Maranda Wise

Valedictorian– Tessa Hendricks

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