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Jay High End of the Year Awards Grades 7-11

JHS Grades 7-11 End of the Year Awards

AGRICULTURE-  9-11   Daniel Madden;  7 & 8-   Ally Settle

BUSINESS-  9-11   Valerie Pacheco



YEARBOOK-    9-11   Hannah Roberts

CULINARY- 9-11   Rebecca Shultz

ITV: 9-11  Blair Crawford

ART-  9-11    Dylan Nadsady

COMPUTER ART- 9-11 Abby Harrison

Commercial Arts Academy Industry Certifications:

BAND- 7/8-  Chandler Sedalacek

9-11-   Tabitha Hoomes

Music Appreciation-  Hank Sheffield


PHYSICAL EDUCATION- 7/8   Justice Brewton and Michaela Stewart

9-11-   Micah Kemp and Abby Harrison


7-  Cody Wolfe

8-  Jay Carnley

9-  Satchel Starling

10-  Kayla Flowers

11-  Carly Owens

SPANISH- 9-11 Anna Gibbs

MATH              7-  Cody Wolfe

8-   Alaina Smith

9-   Satchel Starling

10- Dylan Wolfe  )

11- Carly Owens

SRCCTM Top Middle Grade Math Student: Jay Carnley

SCIENCE                 7- Cody Wolfe

8-  Jay Carnley

9- Micah Kemp

10-Dylan Wolfe

11-  Carly Owens

SOCIAL STUDIES                   7- Cody Wolfe

8-  Jay Carnley

10- Dylan Wolfe

11- Dylan Nadsady

Sunshine State Scholar in Math & Science:  Carly Owens

Duke University Talent Identification Participants: Based on 90%ile or higher on FCAT math/reading  : Logan Smith, James Hatfield, Mackenzie Porter, Harley Tagert, and Cody Wolfe.  James Hatfield, Mackenzie Porter, Harley Tagert qualified for state recognition and attended ceremony in Gainesville Fl at UF.  Cody Wolfe qualified for national recognition and attend ceremony at Duke University.

Perfect Attendance:  Dalton Bradley, Jay Carnley, Jason Gonzalez, Alexis Mitchem

TOP Patrons:  Read the most books this year; Harley Belanger and Mackenzie Porter

RODEO poster winners Dylan Nadsady & Morgan Lewis

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