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Suspects Arrested in Burglary and Arson of Law Enforcement Officers Home

Sheriffs Office Makes Arrests in Burglary and Arson of Law Enforcement Officers Home


The Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office has arrested two suspects responsible for the burglary and arson of a Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office Lieutenants’ residence. The incident occurred on Saturday, April 21, 2012 at the officers residence located in the Point Baker area of Milton, FL.  The officer, Lt. Chris Watson, and his wife, Bonita Watson (a Santa Rosa County Probation Officer) were away from their residence for the weekend.  While they were away, two suspects came to their residence and burglarized it, along with his county vehicle.  Numerous firearms, ammunition, bullet proof vests, badges, and other law enforcement items were stolen from the home and vehicle.  A large amount of electronics and jewelry was also taken.  The two suspects then vandalized his county patrol vehicle with spray paint, stole his personal pickup truck (a 2005 Dark Blue Chevy Avalanche), and then set fire to the home after dousing the master bedroom with gasoline. The fire did not destroy the entire house; however it caused extensive damage.


The break in the case came on Friday, May 4th, 2012, after a Crime Stoppers tip was called in naming the two suspects and their involvement.  Investigators had been looking into a group of subjects who refer to themselves as “Uptown” or “UPT”, due to the vandalism that was spray painted on Watson’s patrol car.  It was later found that the two suspects had no involvement with this group, and intentionally marked the vehicle to mislead investigators.


Investigators found that one of the suspects (Everly Lippwe) was a close friend of an adult child of the Watson’s, and the adult child resided with the Watson’s in their home. The Watson’s had no knowledge that Lippwe was a friend of their child, and that he had been allowed into their residence when they were not present.  Lippwe used knowledge and information gained through this friendship to plan out and commit the crime. Investigators found no information to suggest that Watson’s adult child had any knowledge that Lippwe was planning to commit or had committed the crime against their family. Lippwe knew the location of the Watson’s residence, and was also aware that the Watson’s were out of town.  Lippwe implicated himself in numerous aspects of the crime, including stealing Watson’s personal truck and disposing of the guns, vests, and jewelry. A co-suspect, Joseph Cameron, was present with Lippwe during the burglary and arson of the home.  Cameron was arrested on Friday for a Probation Violation and was interviewed by investigators.  Cameron gave a detailed confession, detailing the planning of the crime, the crime itself, and the location and disposal of some of the stolen items. Cameron is currently being held on the probation violation with no bond, and charges are pending related to the crimes against the Watson’s. Lippwe has been charged with Arson, Felony Criminal Mischief, Armed Burglary, Grand Theft, Theft of Law Enforcement Equipment, Grand Theft of a Firearm, and Vehicle Theft.


Investigators have located some of the stolen property and have been able to link it to Cameron and Lippwe.  Cameron and Lippwe are currently the only two suspects believed to be involved in the actual crime; however investigators are continuing to gather information that may lead to charges on others involved in the disposal of the property that was taken.  




Everly Scott Lippwe, W/M, 21 years old, 5300 block of Deerwood Road, Pensacola, FL


Joseph Bradley Cameron, W/M, 21 years old, 6000 block of Queen St., Milton, FL



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