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“Stand Your Ground” – by Jayer Williamson

It has been over two months now since the shooting of Trayvon Martin and political leftists have once again decided to live under their motto of “never let a crisis go to waste” by attacking Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law. First, let me put out this disclaimer. Any time a family loses a child, no matter what the circumstances, it is a tragedy. As a father of a sixth month old baby, I cannot imagine what my life would be without being able to kiss him goodnight or tell him I love him every morning. I pray that God grant the Martin family peace at heart and mind.

Many seek to decide the guilt or innocence of George Zimmerman through the sensationalism of the media. Trials should occur in courtrooms, not through the tainted lens of talking heads.

That said, each of us has a responsibility to remove the extreme leftist rhetoric and attacks from anti-gun groups from our analysis of Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law.  We should ask the simple question: “Should we be able to defend ourselves to prevent imminent death or bodily harm?” Take it a step further: “Should our only resort to an attack be to turn our backs and flee in hopes that attackers do not follow us and finish what they started?” I can tell you my answers to these questions, yes and no, without a blink of an eye.  And though the “duty to retreat” was formerly inscribed in Florida law, we should never retreat from the rights we have earned to defend ourselves.

Before “Stand Your Ground” was enacted in 2005, Florida law actually favored the attacker and left a victim helpless to defend themselves without possibly being subject to a criminal offense. Law abiding citizens deserve the right to stand up and meet force with force. Florida law should favor law abiding citizens, not the criminals.

This is sure to be a topic of discussion over the campaign season and in to next session. The national media and Obama administration will do everything they can to shed a negative light on our right to keep and bear arms. And in bad taste, they will continue to use the death of a young teen to promote their political agenda and demand repeal of “Stand Your Ground” by our state legislature.

As a lifetime member of the NRA, a concealed weapons permit holder, and more importantly, a husband and father who believes in the Constitution of the United States of America, I ask everyone in our community to Stand Our Ground.  The 2 nd  Amendment is worthy of no less than our most rigorous support.

Jayer Williamson is an electrical contractor and business owner in Milton. He is currently a candidate for State Representative, District 3, which covers the majority of Santa Rosa County and North portion of Okaloosa County.

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6 Comments for ““Stand Your Ground” – by Jayer Williamson”

  1. Charles Smith

    What a bunch of hogwash..

    There is an obvious epidemic in this country when it comes to gun death. The right to have a gun and the right to defend yourself are two separate but overlapping issues. As a gun owner, you can probably count on one hand the times in your 35 years on Earth that you’ve had to use a gun to defend yourself or your family. Yet every year, thousands after thousands die by guns. So to sit there, and spout off about sharper gun control under the guise of not getting to protect yourself when you’ve never had to and probably never will have to shows your reasoning skills.

    Jayer, you disappoint me, sir..

  2. Thank you very much, feel free to contact me any time! or 850-418-3376

  3. John F Willis

    I agree and stand with you.
    It is not ANYONE’s, but my own, responsibility to take care of me. As an American, It would be unthinkable to even attempt to legally assign that responsibility to someone else.The role of our government is NOT to protect us from the criminal element, (nor is it to feed us, shelter us, nor ensure that we have adequate medical care.) It is to protect our individual liberties and freedoms that enable us to do those things for ourselves.

    -John F Willis, Crestview, Florida

    • Chris Warrick

      All I’ve read is true, but the man that sighned the investigation board into action, was Rick Scott. Let us Floidians forget the term…RINO. Our republican governor used the pen to inact the investigation that could do away with our stand your ground act. It allways steams me when one or a small handfull of persons, {Not saying anyone here is guilty of breaking any law } actions effect the “Intire” population! If a man is trapped on his back , ANY MAN, and being beaten, how is he or she to “RETREAT?”

  4. Mr. Tracy D. Stephens

    I too am an NRA member and a Concealed Weapons Permit holder. I am also a retired Army Vet of 26 years and now I am a Civil Servant, and in both forms of service I have sworn to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States and I take that oath very seriously. Having said that I feel that if anyone goes against the Constitution should be put in jail for treason. It is our Constitution that makes us better than any other country. I too feel that the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution should be protected, maybe more so than the others for this one simple reason, without the right to keep and bear arms all the other rights will be taken without a fight. Think about it.

  5. Louis Totoro

    Bravo Mr. Williamson,

    I totally agree and 2nd that motion.

    Louis Totoro
    South Santa Rosa

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