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Spice Contributes to Arrest

Aggravated Assault on a Law Enforcement Officer – Battery on a Law Enforcement Officer

Resisting Arrest With Violence

 On April 20, 2012, at approximately 1630 hrs, Santa Rosa Sheriff’s deputies responded to 3325 Maplewood Drive, Gulf Breeze, Fl.  in reference to a family disturbance complaint. While en route the deputies were advised this was a verbal disturbance between a mother and her 36 year old son, Jeffry Allen Lewis, W/M, 4/11/1976. The complainant additionally advised that Lewis had been smoking Spice and throwing things at the complainant.

Upon arrival the deputies spoke with the Jeanette Holman, who identified herself as Lewis’ longtime girlfriend and that   Lewis was smoking spice. When Holman started talking to Lewis about him quitting smoking spice, he began yelling at her and throwing things around the house. Holman then called Lewis’ mother to come over in an attempt to calm Lewis down. When Lewis’ mother arrived, Lewis became further enraged and threw a pillow at his mother and her. Holman and Lewis’ mother then left the house for their safety because they were afraid that Lewis’ would become physically violent.

Holman then told deputies that Lewis had locked all the doors to the house and locked himself in the garage. In addition, Lewis had access to a sword and knives but had not directly threatened anyone with them.

Holman unlocked the door to the residence and gave the deputies permission to enter and conduct a welfare check on Lewis. Holman gave the keys to the deputies who then announced their presence and found the door leading to the garage locked. When the deputies attempted to unlock the garage door Lewis stated “are you sure you want to do that” from inside the garage. When the deputies opened the garage door they observed Lewis sitting in a chair approximately 8 feet to 10 feet from the door. Lewis appeared to smoking either a “spice” or “marijuana” cigarette (joint) and was holding a large 18 inch survival knife in his left hand. Deputies gave Lewis commands to drop the knife and Lewis stated “if you come in here I am going to stab you”. Deputies gave several commands to drop the knife and Lewis finally laid the knife down on the table next to where he was sitting. Lewis then became agitated towards the deputies and refused to get out of the chair. Deputies then deploy a Taser which was partially effective. While trying to handcuff Lewis, he physically resisted by shoving one of the deputies. Lewis was finally detained and LifeGuard Ambulance transported him to Gulf Breeze Hospital for evaluation where he was admitted. A search of the immediate area of the chair in the garage and Lewis’ person resulted in the seizure of one 18 inch survival knife, drug paraphernalia, one open package of spice, and one “spice” cigarette.

Jeffry Allen Lewis was arrested on 4/22/2012 and booked into Santa Rosa County Jail. Bond is as follows:

  •  Aggravated Assault on a Law Enforcement Officer $10,000.00
  • Battery on a Law Enforcement Officer $5,000.00
  • Resisting with Violence $2.500.00


Jeffry Allen Lewis, W/M, 4/11/1976



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