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Two Suspects Arrested After Robbery and Theft in Pace

Two Suspects Arrested After Robbery and Theft in Pace

On 4/14/12 Deputies were dispatched to the intersection of Woodbine Rd. and Dunning Dr. While en route dispatch advised that they had received several calls on two vehicles chasing one another. Dispatch also advised the vehicles stopped at the intersection of Woodbine Rd. and Dunning Dr.Upon deputies arriving in the area, several people  pointed and yelled that two suspects fled the scene on foot south bond on Woodbine Rd. The witnesses on scene stated there was a white female wearing a teal jacket and blue jeans. There was also a black male suspect wearing a white t-shirt and blue jean shorts. Deputies located the female subject at Guernsey Rd. and Woodbine road.  She was identified by deputies as being Jennifer Campbell. Jennifer immediately started crying and stated she did not do anything wrong.At that time, deputies detained Jennifer for investigative purposes. She was then transported back to the scene.Deputies spoke with the victim who stated Jennifer Campbell came to her residence and told the victim that she (Campbell) was broke down and needed a ride to her mothers house a few blocks away. The victim agreed to take Jennifer and they got into the victim’s vehicle and started to leave. The victim advised when they pulled out of the neighborhood she saw Jennifer’s car sitting on the side of the road. The victim advised that she stopped behind Jennifer’s car and Jennifer got out. At that point, a black male (later identified as Andre Tarlton) jumped out of Jennifer’s vehicle and came up to the victim’s driver’s window, which was down. The victim stated Andre then grabbed her purse which was sitting on the left side of her lap closest to the window. The victim advised Andre then ran back to Jennifer’s car where he and Jennifer sped off. The victim told deputies that she then chased the vehicle with her flashers on and was pointing for some one to call 911. The victim stated as she was chasing them, Jennifer lost control of her vehicle and crashed into a wooded area however came back out on to the road and continued driving. The victim advised she continued following them until Jennifer’s car was not able to go any further. The victim told deputies that she then confronted Jennifer and told her to give the purse back. The victim stated Jennifer and Andre then took off running away from the scene. The victim said she was able to get her purse back however was missing cash and prescription medication.

Deputies read Jennifer her Miranda Right’s at 1849 hrs. Jennifer stated she understand her rights and wished to speak with deputies without a lawyer present in reference to the case. Jennifer advised a different account of the incident. She stated that the victim called her and wanted to buy some drugs. Jennifer stated her neighbor, Andre,  sold drugs. Jennifer told deputies that she parked her vehicle down the road from the victim’s residence and walked the rest of way while Andre sat in the car. Jennifer said that when she and the victim returned, Andre got out of the car and walked to the victim’s drivers side door. Jennifer stated moments later Andre grabbed the victim’s purse and ran back to Jennifer’s car. Jennifer said Andre told her to drive at which time she did.

Andre was later located by deputies walking down Guernsey Rd. Andre was transported back to the scene where deputies read his Miranda Rights to him at 2005. Andre stated he understand his rights and wished to speak with them without a lawyer present in reference to this case. Andre completely denied having any knowledge of anything. Andre also stated he had never seen the victim or Jennifer before,. and repeatedly stated ” you got the wrong guy”.

The victim positively identified Andre as the black male that took her purse. Jennifer also positively identified Andre as being the black she brought to the victim to obtain drugs.

At that time, deputies arrested Andre for violation of F.S.S. 812.131.2b Robbery, and F.S.S. 812.014.2a Petit theft. Deputies also arrested Jennifer for accessory to the same Crimes.


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