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“Smoke Shops” Searched for “Spice and Bath Salts”

Sheriffs Office Executes Search Warrants on Two Specialty “Smoke Shops” in Milton

On April 3rd, 2012, the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office (with the assistance of the State Attorney’s Office and Milton City Police Department) conducted two search warrants onMilton businesses in reference to the sale of controlled substances commonly known as “Spice” and “Bath Salts”. The two businesses in question are:

Showcase Tobacco: 5400 Dogwood Drive, Milton, FL

Stackhouse Wholesale DVD’s Etc., 5410 Dogwood Drive, Milton, FL

Both of these establishments are located in the same strip mall at the corner of Dogwood Driveand Park Avenue in Milton.  The Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office has conducted numerous controlled undercover purchases from both establishments over the past 9 months.  Substances purchased from both establishments have been confirmed through the Florida Department of Law Enforcement as being controlled substances, or analogs of controlled substances as defined in Florida State Statute 893.0356. A new State law went into effect banning these substances on March 23, 2012.

The growing problem of synthetic cannabinoids has been plaguingSanta RosaCountyfor some time. Synthetic cannabis is a psychoactive herbal and chemical product that, when consumed, mimics the effects of cannabis. Synthetic Cathinones, which are found in “Bath Salts” and similar substances, are designed to mimic cocaine, methamphetamine and other controlled stimulants. An increasing number of people are turning to synthetic marijuana compounds synthetic Cathinones in search of a high. More and more people who use these substances are turning up in hospitals with signs of intoxication and other serious side effects. The Sheriff’s Office seized the following items:

From Stackhouse Wholesale DVD’s, Etc.: 22 one gallon zip lock baggies (between 400 and 500 grams each) containing an herbal compound.  The herbal compound, if sprayed with the synthetic cannabinoid compounds, would have a street value in excess of $1,000,000.00.  The owner stated that the herbal compound had not yet been sprayed, however it will be sent to FDLE for testing.  A small baggie of alleged Spice was also located, along with numerous containers that used to store Spice (still containing residue).

From Showcase Tobacco:  When investigators arrived on scene, the owner stated that they no longer had any illegal substances present on the premises. The search revealed hundreds of packages of Spice (numerous brand names) located in a back room, which are known to be controlled substances per Florida Statute. Hundreds of drug paraphernalia items were also seized that were for sale in the establishment. The estimated value of the seized property is approximately $50,000.00.

No arrests were made on this date; however the Sheriff’s Office will be consulting with the State Attorney’s Office regarding any criminal charges.  Sheriff Hall would like to thank the State Attorney’s Office and the Milton Police Department for their participation in today’s operations.  Photos courtesy of SRSO.

Salt Search
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