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JHS Students Certify as Disaster CERT Members

In the last two years, over 100 Jay High School students have prepared to handle emergency situations. Janie Gomillion, the Jay High SGA  sponsor,  informed Becky Holley about the program after speaking with someone in the EOC. Thinking back to after Ivan, Becky realized a need for a program such as this because Jay is so isolated that we don’t have enough Emergency personnel to handle all of the post-disaster emergencies. Also, since the community is so spread out, it will allow the students to assist in their communities immediately after disasters whether it is a hurricane or tornado. It basically prepares these students to handle situations they may be faced with now, while at college or as parents. The initiative shown by Becky Holley and Janie Gomillion has brought an new opportunity to the students and community of Jay.

* The CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) program is done through the Santa Rosa County EOC

*The class is taught in (HOPE) Health Opportunities through Physical Education a class that is required in order for student graduate high school.

*JHS is the first in the state to implement the program, which is a state certified program.

* I have worked alongside EOC personnel Dan Hahn, and I’m the first teacher in the state to become certified to teach this program. Hahn is a certified Paramedic and comes to school to teach first aid and Jay Volunteer Fire Dept. also participates in helping students learn how to put out small fires.

*The students learn team work, organization skills, medical triage, basic fire fighting,  search and rescue, CPR and disaster preparedness. They learn how to handle emergency situations until emergency personnel arrives.

*other counties in the state are looking to incorporate this program into their schools using JHS as a model

* At the end of the course, the students take a state exam.

*Students receive backpacks and equipment such as medical supplies, gloves, hard hats, goggles, vests, hazardous waste suits, etc. through a grant

*We are looking into training a Community CERT team

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