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Attorney General Bondi -Updates on Healthcare Lawsuit

The United States Supreme Court today heard oral argument on the final two issues of the health care lawsuit: severability and Medicaid coercion.

In regards to the issue of severability, the individual mandate is the hub of the entire federal health care act, and without it, the entire act fails. It is clear that Congress would not have enacted the Act without an individual mandate, and the Court should not rescue inferior provisions of the Act that never would have become law without this mandate.

As to the Medicaid coercion argument, the United States Constitution forbids the federal government from compelling states to operate federal programs against their will. This Act forces states to spend billions of their own money and administer a massively expanded Medicaid program, while robbing them of any real choice but to comply with the federal government’s wishes. It is unconstitutional and unfair for the federal government to force Florida’s taxpayers to fund an unaffordable expansion of the Medicaid program.

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