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Local Runners Finish in McQuires St. Paddy’s Day Run

Several local runners competed in the McQuirs St. Patrick’s Day 5K.  Congratulation to all who walked or ran.

Seth Nolen, 9 of Jay, won his age division with a time of 38.21.53.  Other runners and times:  Adyson Sheppard 46.08.87; Anable Sheppard 35.04.14; Tyler Harris 30.41.14; Sean Ivie 26.37.70;  Shelby Thomas 27.28.83; Alex Scanlon 35.09.80; Janna Ellis 30.04.67; Kimmy Hudon 28.14.31; Eli Bardin 31.28.48; Allison Wesstmoreland 48.18.43; Ashlynn Burgess 48.19.12; Taylor Dover 30.24.72; Megan Mathews 35.34.47; Derek Diamond 31.38.12; James Rowland 31.47.89; Alisha Wiggins; Lemuel Violata 39.33.70; Carrie Gavin 35.19.70; Christy Hutto 54.06.89; Alicia Barrow 53.52.62; Anita Weaver 44.26.67; Nicole Scott; Chris McMullen 31.03.37; April Watson 32.37.50; april Watson 32.37.50; Stacey Lowe 25.27.32; MacEc Anders 45.17.17; Angie nelson 58.27.76; Dayon Sheppard 27.13.83; Darren Dobson 29.01.14; Randall Kelly 23.31.15; Amy Sheppard 32.37.43; Shirley Raney 30.49.52; Lance Raney 30.47.31; Beth Ann Whitfield 32.17.10; Madison Whitfield 32.13.47; James Howell 43.03.48; Sandra Moore 53.51.03; James McDaniel 56.19.77.

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3 Comments for “Local Runners Finish in McQuires St. Paddy’s Day Run”

  1. Sean ivie

    Guess I finished to fast to be mentioned on here. With a time somewhere between 20-25 minutes.

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