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Patsy Jackson, RN at Jay Hospital Recognized for Exceptional Service

Baptist Health Care Celebrates the 2011 Legends
Baptist Health Care Team Members Recognized For Exceptional Service and Commitment to Community

PENSACOLA, Fla. (March 7, 2012) – By definition, a legend is a historic, admirable person whose story is handed down through generations. Earlier this week, Baptist Health Care recognized its’ Legends – team members who go above and beyond to improve the quality of life for people in the communities served by the organization.

Recognized annually, BHC Legends far surpass expectations by inspiring others, creating memories and encouraging the best from those around them. BHC Legends exemplify the mission of Baptist Health Care and offer superior service, whether on or off the clock.

Baptist Health Care Legends for 2011 include:

· In the midst of a traumatic health event, knowing that everything at home is taken care of can provide much needed comfort and strength. Ann Rudi , imaging manager of CT scan at Baptist Hospital, made sure that her co-worker whose husband suffered a sudden heart attack, experienced that comfort. Ann’s compassion took over. She visited the family every day while they anxiously waited in ICCU for their loved one to mend. She never came empty-handed either, and delivered magazines, baskets of snacks, and warm blankets.  Back home the four-legged family member also was well cared for by Ann. Every day, Ann went to the home not only to feed and play with the beloved pet, but also to clean the pool and drive the daughter to softball practice. Ann’s helpfulness allowed her co-worker to stay at her husband’s bedside as he recovered.  Still in the hospital, the couple joyfully celebrated their wedding anniversary complete with flowers and a greeting card – all compliments of Ann. When the couple returned home, they were met with the smell of fresh flowers left on the counter by Ann and a lifelong offer to help in any other way she could.  We often meet people in life who we have no idea how they will shape our lives. Ann Rudi is someone this family will never forget.

· The passing of a loved one is perhaps the most difficult experience anyone may endure. Often, the only thing that can bridge that sorrowful gap and spark a positive feeling again, is an act of selfless kindness. Those two words define Marie Stroh . Marie is a nurse at Baptist Hospital who works as the assistant director of nursing (ADON). While her ADON duties have taken her in a more administrative direction, the human aspect of really caring for people has never left her. As the ADON on duty one day, Marie tried to notify a family that their loved one passed away. After several attempts to reach the family, she was unsuccessful. The day was long and extremely busy as most days are for nurses working in clinical or administrative capacities. Thirteen hours later, it was time to go home. However, Marie picked up the phone, called her husband, and together they drove to the family’s home. Her heartfelt empathy for what this family was experiencing was evident as well as her genuine respect for the passed loved one. Thank goodness for caregivers like Marie. Helping people feel positive about health care is truly her calling.

· How comforting would it be to know that you have a guardian angel to protect your health? One young mother in her 20s found hers in Tom Wiscombe , medical technologist II, Baptist Hospital Laboratory.

The mother brought her sick child to the emergency room for treatment, and while there mentioned that she didn’t feel well either. Lab results suggested that this mother was very ill. Tom was working that evening and after running routine hematology tests, he went one step further and ran additional tests. His astute eye caught something that he knew needed immediate attention. The patient’s life was at stake.  After working a 12-hour shift, Tom contacted a hematopathologist across town who was working late. At 7 p.m. Tom personally delivered the lab results to the physician who confirmed his thoughts. This young mother had Acute Progranulocuytic Leukemia. The doctor previously lost a patient who had the same diagnosis.   Tom’s dedication and quick attention led to proper treatment for this patient who might have lost her life without early intervention. Tom impacted a mother and a child as well as numerous family members and friends. Imagine the alternate path her life could have taken if it weren’t for Tom.

·A nurse is a caregiver 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year. Why? Someone who cares about helping others can’t just turn off feelings of compassion. Patsy Jackson is a prime example.


While on a leisurely motorcycle ride one Saturday, Patsy, an R.N. administrator at Jay Hospital, and her husband stopped to eat at a seaside restaurant. Patsy noticed a woman sitting nearby who did not look well. She kept her eye on the woman who eventually slumped over in her chair. Immediately to the rescue, Patsy ran to the table and helped lower the woman to the floor where she did compressions and the family member did mouth-to-mouth. Restaurant staff retrieved a defibrillator and Patsy hooked up the device and continued CPR until an ambulance arrived and took the woman to be treated.   On another occasion, a patient arrived by EMS to the emergency department in full code. The patient’s elderly wife was very distraught, helpless and traumatized by the situation. She was terrified of riding in a helicopter, but her husband needed to be quickly transported for care. Patsy drove the woman to the hospital, sat with her for five hours and interpreted information so that she could understand and be comforted by the care her husband was receiving.  Patsy’s presence was a blessing for two people who will never forget her expert care even off the clock. She is a role model of the caring attitude and outstanding professionalism that we strive for in health care.

· Dedication, enthusiasm and energy are an understatement when describing Rachel Jones. From the looks of her involvement with children and families in need, you might think she is a social worker. However, she is a unit secretary at Lakeview Center’s FamiliesFirst Network.

One adoptive family in north Walton County, Fla., had grown to seven children and needed more space to accommodate the last sibling. Rachel coordinated the manpower to complete a home expansion project that would allow the children to be together in a safe, happy home.  During Child Abuse Prevention Awareness Month, Rachel spearheaded a fundraiser for playground equipment in memory of children who died from abuse and neglect. She canvassed the business district and engaged many businesses to post flyers and hang blue ribbons to generate awareness. She also worked with local media to collect donations. It took more than a year, but she did it! She worked with the city to install a new carousel in a local park, invited the Mayor to publicly recognize Child Abuse Prevention Awareness month, and initiated an annual Family Fun Day that more than 2,000 people attended.   Rachel also leads the charge in gathering food and laundry items for families in the community. She engages inmates who make countless wooden toys and doll houses for children and coordinates the sponsorship of Destiny Worship Center so all the children under services in Walton County can experience an annual Christmas party complete with family transportation and a ton of gifts for each child.  Rachel is truly a guardian angel of children and families in need and we are so fortunate to have her.

· Picture in your mind, a child empty-handed on Christmas Day. It’s a thought no one wants to imagine. Linda Roush , community relations manager for Lakeview Center’s FamiliesFirst Network (FFN), sees to it that children in the state’s care are not in this situation.

Over the years, Linda has dedicated numerous hours of her personal time to ensure that thousands of children, already traumatized by being removed from their homes, receive a Christmas gift. She has led the noble effort of Operation Santa, a program that helps struggling families and children who have experienced abuse or neglect and are now in the care of FFN, experience happiness and joy that they deserve during the holidays. Her efforts provide more than gifts; they also give hope.   Linda also coordinates Breakfast with Santa. An event held for children in Foster Care, where they eat breakfast, play games, take pictures with Santa, and shop for gifts for their Foster Parents. Around the same time of year, Linda is heavily involved in Art of Adoption Heart Gallery. This annual photographer’s reception features pictures of children awaiting adoption recruitment. Believe it or not, she added one more thing to her plate this year! Linda was instrumental in the success of the first-ever adoption walk. More than 350 people walked. Several other community events were happening that weekend, but due to Linda’s efforts, many chose to participate in the walk to help children.   Where there are children in need of love and understanding you will find Linda. She tirelessly rallies for the cause of precious children and families.

·  Would you drive more than 50 miles to deliver a message to someone you did not know and that no one asked you to deliver? Eva White , a nurse at Lakeview Center’s WFCCC, took the initiative to do the right thing when no one was looking and no one knew.

It took nearly half a day of her personal time, but Eva felt a strong urge to provide an added level of comfort to a family in the dark. They had no idea that their loved one was lying in intensive care and gravely ill.
Eva tried several times to contact the family by phone but all calls went unanswered. She then drove to the address on file, hoping to deliver the important news to someone. Unfortunately, she was met with disappointment yet again. She found the house, but no one answered the door. She was determined and went to neighbor’s homes until she met someone who could help reach family members.  Eva did the caring, compassionate thing and the family and patient were served in an extraordinary way.

View a video of the Baptist Health Care 2011 Legends, at 

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