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Family Dollar Gets Final Approval from Jay City Council

The Town of Jay gave its final approval on the building of a Family Dollar Store.  The store will be located on Hwy 4 slightly east of the light at the intersection of Hwy 4 and Alabama St.  The store will replace the two buildings west of Farmer’s Market.  

All council members were present (Jane Hayes, Maxine Ivey, Shon Owens, Charles Haveard) along with the Mayor, Kervin Qualls, Town Clerk, Linda Carden, and Town Attorney, Steven Cozart.

The second item of business was the Livestock Market.  The State of Florida has offered the Town of Jay a lease option on the 14 acre property at no cost. The state will maintain ownership, but any and all buildings will belong to the Town.  The council was in favor of the lease and asked the attorney to move forward with that with the condition that he seek the longest years possible on the lease.  The council has been approached by the University of Florida Agriculture Research Team to possibly have a Wholesale and Distribution Center at this site.  Under the label, Panhandle Fresh,  they distribute and sell local produce.  This would be a central location for the farmers in the north Florida and South Alabama that they work with.

The Town of Jay also voted to accept the proposal from Waste Pro for Garbage Pickup.  The service is not mandatory but the Town of Jay recommends that all citizens utilize this service.  They have worked out a contract that will have no fuel surcharges, and twice a week pickup.

The Ordinance #03-12-01 was read and passed.  This was concerning the adoption of  a new Flood Hazard Map  so that future help from FEMA would be available.

There was discussion about several other items from a corner lot option to buy given to Shon Owens; Annexation – to bring in some areas that are receiving services from the Town of Jay but as of yet are not legally part of the town.  There was opposition to this from Ken Bynum.  A workshop will be held, and a map created.  There are certain steps to take before this could be placed on a ballet.

Money from a special DOT, “Safeways to School” grant to provide sidewalks on Williams St. and School St., around, $254,000.  was allocated for this.  The Town is glad to have this opportunities to have more sidewalks.  A special point was made that this money from the DOT is only available to be used in this way.  More sidewalks are planned if funding is made available later in the year.

The Fourth of July celebration will be held in the City Park with the Town of Jay sponsoring the event.  The Chamber of Commerce will help in the planning.  All others that may have an interest in participating and hosting events that day will need to contact the Town of Jay.

There was discussion on the park.  The Town of Jay along with Jay Recreation, Jay Football are developing a maintenance schedule.  This will help define the areas and jobs each entity is responsible for and when.


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2 Comments for “Family Dollar Gets Final Approval from Jay City Council”

  1. Jane Hayes

    @ PappaJ unfortunately, it will be one of the buildings meeting its demise. The council has tried to find funds to renovate, move, etc but it does not meet the state or federal qualifications of an historic landmark. It commercial uses are limited at best ( icecream shop, gift shop, small office) and no benefactor has stepped up to offer to save it.

    The historical society would love to have it, however it too would need funds to move it, renovate it, operate it etc.

  2. PappaJ

    I hope the old gas station isn’t one of the buildings coming down. It is a land mark and there were only three left in the area (Atmore, Brewton and Jay). I wish some omne could renovate it.

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