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Central is a PBS School

This year Central became a PBS school. Positive Behavior Support (PBS) gives people a new way to think about behavior. PBS is based on understanding why problem behaviors occur – the behavior’s function. This approach to behavior can occur on a school-wide level, in a specific setting, classroom, or with an individual student.

Becky Bondurant and Kathy Moore are working together to promote and build this program in the school.  They have planned events every two weeks centered around the reward for positive behavior.  The program at Central rewards students Pre-K through 12th for random acts of positive behavior.  The students receive “Paw Bucks”.  The Rewards go on sale for $1 to $15.  The students can save up their “bucks” or spend them all at one time. One stipulation is that the student can’t ask for the reward.   The next event will be outside games for all students that have  NO Referrals.

PBS, which is a nationwide endeavor, was established to reward students for positive behavior, and show students that positive behavior can bring about positive benefits. The teachers and staff at Central School have been working to establish guidelines for students to follow that will encourage positive behavior not only in the classroom, but also at home.

PBS is the application of evidence-based strategies and systems to assist schools to increase academic performance, increase safety, decrease problem behavior, and establish positive school cultures. On an individual level, PBS uses functional behavior assessments to understand the relationships between a student’s behavior and characteristics of his or her environment. The functional behavior assessment identifies multiple strategies to effectively reduce problem behavior including changing systems, altering environments, teaching skills, and focusing on positive behaviors. The PBS process results in the creation of effective intervention plans that will impede problem behaviors, teach new skills, and create support systems for the student.

On Thursday, March 1st the students were able to come and shop with the rewards they have earned thus far. A reward for their positive behavior. Many of the rewards have to be purchased although some community groups have helped with donations, such as the Kiwanis Club.  You can contact Becky Bondurant if you would like more information or to give a donation.

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  1. Kathy Moore

    Thanks for the coverage, Lori! We also have received donations of food and other items from Pineview United Methodist Church, and a cash donation from Moore Heating and Air. (Yes, it’s my family’s business!)

    Kathy Moore

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